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    That must have been really cool, Bill. Did you take any pictures? Has it changed much? It has been 30 years or so. I envy you all the same.


    Yes I did take pictures but not with a digital.I,am still a bit of a dinosaur.I was amazed at how much stood right out at you,like Dr.Hoetetlers house the gazebo in the center of town. The tour was given to myself and Joe Zuke by a fine gentelmen and Duke collector by the name of Foster Dennis. Also saw the outside set for the show ER. This was in sept. of last year in the 80s and fake snow everywhere to make it look like the dead of winter in Chicago. Buy the way the el tracks they drove under was about 40 feet long.

    This one of my all time great wayne films. the acting by all is second to none. last year i was given a personal tour of warner brothers back lot were most of this film was made. the scene when he first rode into town,doc hostetlers house the street where he first meets richard boone and the acme saloon which was a police station at the time i was there.

    this role was offered to george c scott who acceped aslong as nothing in the book changed. when word got out that duke was able to play the part well the rest is history.the movie was changed to fit him.