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    Think he couldn't catch his breath during the shoot, that's when they found his heart issue. None the less, he had major health problems for much of the last 5 years of his life. Getting old sucks!

    So very true. At 52 I can honestly say gravity sucks.

    I think I read he was sick during filming and it wasn't a year later he had heart surgery to replace a heart valve. He never recovered long enough to do another project. His cancer return just after the heat surgery.

    Ah! Okay. Thanks for the clarification. I thought he had health problems when he made this film. It just wasn't the same health problems that would take him a few years later. I remember seeing footage of him between takes for this film telling fellow actors how he sometimes didn't feel well at all and that waking up to a normal day where no ailment afflicted him was a blessing he always welcomed.

    You know I ALWAYS thought John Wayne was sick during the shooting of this film. Of course we do have to add he did an uncredited voice over in Star Wars. A fun fact for sure. So why did he not make anymore films after the Shootist? I would be curious to know, because he seem to stay on a pretty consistent shooting schedule there for some time. Was he purposely retiring from the craft?