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    I also must say it took me many years before i could watch this film because i couln't stand the thought of duke being killed. thats the kind of impact the duke had on me.

    Great story Bill, The shootist is my favorite movie, I thought Dukes acting was second to none in this movie. I also beleive in real liofe if he could have he would have wanted to go out this way instead of the slowness of cancer.

    If the producers wanted him all along why didn't they jsut offer it to him and let him decide. The report I heard was wayne was getting angry because he wanted the role and they kept offering it to others. I wish there was clear cut evidence either way.

    Thanks I'll try to find the book. The shootist is my favorite Duke movie although it's sad I believe it's wayne's finest acting. I used to not be able to watch the cowboys or shootist because he was killed in both. I got by that and the shootist became my favorite.

    I may have asked this before but I can't remeber. The meds I'm taking now are pretty strong so I forget easy so please forgive me if I have. I had heard That when they were trying to cast the shootist they offered it to many before finally giving it to Wayne. I heard Newman, and Hackman and Boone along with several others. Duke was getting pretty mad because he wanted this role so bad. My thoughts are I wonder if the others turned it down because they all knew it was perfect for the Duke since he had cancer and out of respect, I would like to also know why they didn't offer it to duke in the first place I mean it fit his life to a tee. I heard this on tcm or HDnet or hell maybe I dreamed it. Has anyone heard this story.