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    Minor correction, Jim Burke, not "Bad" Chuck, doubled Duke for the shootout, and almost did the entire ending due to Duke's illness. Chuck only doubled Duke in the longshots at the very beginning of the film.

    Hi Alamo....just a misunderstanding. Never said Roberson DID some of the ending. It was discussed early on in the filming that he might HAVE to do it all. That would have meant no close-ups.....the finishing of the movie was still "up in the air" at that time. Later, I guess they decided Jim should do some of the strenuous parts that didn't show Duke's face. So glad Duke was able to do the scenes that counted....especially the ending with Gillum. Reams of dialogue were "spoken" in the looks between them.
    Thanks for pointing that out, though.....had forgotten that Jim did a bit of the ending. KEITH

    Well, I am so glad to know that something I said a while back has gotten one of our younger members to watch THE SHOOTIST and to appreciate it for the masterpiece that it is. Thank you for letting me know that you did. As you know, I watch it probably about once a week and pretty much know the whole dialogue. Duke is just SO much better than anything I ever saw him in. He is outside of his normal character, yet still manages to stay within it. I am SO glad he was able to finish it as there had been a suggestion that Chuck Roberson do the shootout scenes. I believe the scenes at the very end with JB and Gillum were the epitome of the movie. No would have been Pappy's way........just action, moves, and looks. JB did NOT want Gillum to follow in the gun fighter's way. When Gillum looked at the gun, then JB's worried face, then threw the gun away, JB SMILED his last crooked smile for Gillum. And, the last scene looking at the covered body showed the symbol of patriotism that Duke felt he stood for..........the GOLDEN EAGLE......right in the very middle background on scene of JB's covered body, (another thing Duke learned from Pappy). I have said this did we miss Duke's message to us all these years? When your hero is lying face down covered by a coat.......where do you eyes stay? You underestimated your fans' love for you Duke. That is why you and Ward are sitting up there saying "MOST of them STILL haven't realized it!"

    Well, young fellah, glad you finally took the plunge. Hope you watch it many times more.........boy it is ever worth it! You see and learn something new every time. The my favorite Duke Movie. KEITH
    My External Hard Drive is down, or I would send the real screen cap, but this is the drawing I did for it. Now, for those of you who don't believe what Duke was trying to say with MAYBE his last movie.....just put on the Shootist, go to that part and STOP IT. You will see what I have drawn.....I just left out all the parts that weren't important. Keith

    The Shootist. What can I say. I think he acted better in this movie than any other he was in. The more I see it, the more I love it. I am so glad he was able to finish it as sick as he was. Really wish he could have lasted until he and Ronnie Howard made the new movie Duke was so excited about. He told Ron only "you and me could play it", or something of the sort. Sure would like to know what it was about. KEITH

    Hi Alamo, I had checked this before, but just did again, for YOU, LOL. You can most definitely hear two shots first....the second almost right on top of the other. Then there is a slight pause and then the third. Listen again, you will hear the second one. And, once again, I agree.....RB should have had more. You DID see Peridot's remark about his adlib remark that it was for Albert didn't you? Managed to increase the part his own self, HAH!

    that's what I always thought happened, but the way it's shown in the film, the scene seems to have a "cut" at that moment, so it looked as tho one shot was edited out for some reason, since you really only hear 2 shots ring out. In any case, RB should have had a better death scene.

    Also, I don't feel The Tennesseean meant any disrespect in his comments, I had heard pretty much the same things about RB over the years as he mentioned. We're all friends, and sometimes things don't quite
    come out too delicately when we're talking about our favorite actors and such. We're all fans tho, but we know these actors are human too. We all have frailties, and various reasons for them, so please try not to take our comments too seriously. We all have tremendous respect for Richard Boone and what he's gone thru, as well as all the other actors mentioned on the board. So many of our favorite stars had a lot of drama in their lives, like many of us, and sometimes mentioning these things makes them all the more human. As a side note, I loved Robert Shaw in The Sting, but I would have loved to see what RB could have done in the role.

    [quote='alamo221','']But they only show Duke firing 2 shots-weird...[/QUOTE

    Hi Alamo,

    JB took his holstered gun out and had both ready to fire. As someone else mentioned, the second shot came too close to the first to be from the same gun. So, those were the first two. He hesitated a bit, then fired the third shot from the gun that had been holstered. Hope that helps. Keith

    May be true there Russ. But Duke was not really good behind the camera....sad thing to say, but true and documented in many ways. He WAS very good at suggestions, additions,etc. But as for actual direction......well, he was our Duke, so perhaps I shouldn't say more. However, he realized it....I am sure....why he just didn't take over. In later years he most definitely had more control, but he still was NOT the boss....the director was...good thing too. Duke Needed a director. Pappy had been his mainstay. Without him, he just was not capable of running the gamut. Jees, late here....did that make ANY sense.....does to me, but then, I am an old woman, LOL! He had great ideas.....just needed a director to carry them out. Duke, no matter what, was never a director......wanted to be....but realized it was not in the he kept acting.
    I, personally am glad he did. I love his last films. And The SHOOTIST is like a memorial to me. What if he directed it and hired someone to play JB Books? Think I should stop there. HAGO, KEITH

    i agree, that would have been great. Still sweeney was hit at least twice through the table by books and possibly three times. I'm currently screening a horror film with my son so i can't check.

    Little help here, friends?

    three times! Kp

    Howdy Hawk-I don't think it came thru-

    Hi Alamo,
    Yep, scroll down. Talks about the new thing I found after 36 years. About Duke being ill and not sure he could finish the film.....and,then the Widipedia bit, then the sketch that shows it. HAGO, KEITH

    Did you mean that when RB dropped the table before he fell and he said, "That is for Albert"? That line? I didn't know that. KP

    Believe my answer to you disappeared like three others these last two days. Anyway,agree completely about RB. He was the most convincing of the villains. Even Gillom was afraid of him and told JB to be very careful of him as he was mean and hated him. I could and often do watch this movie over and over to see the expressions and hear the voice of our Duke who very convincingly played a dying man determined to go out a winner.....and, he DID! Keith

    OK, here is what I posted on the NET. Then, there is the sketch....was going to do the walls, steps, etc. but decided it was more "striking" just plain.
    What do yall think? On purpose, or just happenstance?

    New finding by Keith Payne Wikipedia talk
    After probably over 100 viewings of The Shootist, while getting ready to do some sketches I noticed something that I had never seen or read anything about in all these years. Made me think twice again of the way Duke felt about whether or not this would be his last movie. Not only was he very ill and the finishing of the film was in question, but, he named the landlady his best friend, Bond. However, there was one thing that has been overlooked all these years. And NOW, it stands out like a huge nugget of gold in a stream bed. In the final scene for Duke, he lies covered by Gillom's coat. Directly behind him in the middle of his body in the background is one of the symbols of Duke's entire life.....his extreme patriotism. What is it, why the American Bald Eagle, the symbol of our country, Duke's country. It took us 36 years to find this. Wonder if there are anymore nuggets like this out there. Remember, Duke learned from the best....Pappy Ford. When asked about symbolism which we know he used in all of his really good movies, he always said, "Just a job of 'werk'". Look again, do YOU honestly believe that eagle in that position at THAT time was an accident? Duke, you have once more reminded us of the true patriot you were. May you never stop doing so. Keith Payne

    Pull out your disk and look...been there these 36 years. Duke and Ward are probably looking down saying,
    "Took em long enough!" They just underestimated the effect of seeing Duke like that.....all eyes were on him. Keith

    I take your point but i might be one for me abit further down the line. I'm not ashamed to say I found it all too much emotional and depressing, especially the way the duke played it and knowing how he ended up. I will give it another chance eventually though, just might leave it awhile yet.

    Well, Gareth, you are quite young. I am trying to remember I felt about things like that at your age. I believe I might have felt as you do unless someone older had explained it to me. I have tried to. I really think you would get a new appreciation of Duke early on that most of us were never able to do because of our age and the fact that we sort of "grew up" with him. I still think you should see it as soon as you can. You will be able to see Duke, the Man, and then will be able to enjoy all the movies of his that you haven't seen yet. You will see him at what I think is his very best acting. But, maybe you want to save the "dessert" for the end of the "meal". For that is what the Shootist is.....the "dessert"! Duke gives us HIMSELF in this movie. He was not diagnosed with cancer again as of yet. But, he was coughing up blood and using oxygen all the time. He knew. Although he made other plans, he knew. I just wish Duke could have gone out as JB Books did....sure would been a lot easier for him.
    Did you see the Jimmy Stewart movie yet.

    And don't ever be is a sign of weakness, LOL........just joking, it is a JW quote that says "Don't ever apologize, it is a sign of weakness"! Think it was in Yellow Ribbon? One of the trilogies.

    Just remember.......lots of folks say Duke couldn't act. If someone sees The Shootist and says that, they are stark raving LOCO! Keith

    I watched the first 20 minutes of the shootist then turned it off, my two favorite actors are in it, and I love happy days but I just found it too raw.

    Hi G. You didn't give it a chance. The guy who went with us the first time I saw it in the theater almost ruined the whole movie for us.....all very staunch Duke fans. But, as it went along, he got more and more quiet. Duke showed a side that was completely outside his norm in some places.......others, he was still Duke. Have to take that back. Throughout, he was Duke....just an older one who was dying. He acted as if I would have expected him to in that situation. His facial expressions were incredible. There was chaos and there was laughter.

    His accepting the fact that he was dying and his interactions with Jimmy Stewart were gut wrenching for a Duke fan......also for a Stewart fan as he played his part well in that his explanations to JB Books were extrememly difficult for him.....he LIKED Books. But, by the time Books left the Doc's office the first go around, and the telling of where he got the pillow was pretty much the end of Book's feeling sorry for himself. Oh, he still had the scene to go through with the Doc on just HOW he was going to die, but he had already accepted it as a fact.

    The rest of the movie was the building of relationships, Books' trying to get as much living in as possible, and the planning of his death, which thanks to the Doc's few sentences, would not be one of a slow living hell kind of dying.

    This is one of Duke's movies that you just cannot miss G. It was Duke's last gift to us.....think of it that way. If he didn't show he could truly act in The Shootist, he NEVER did!

    This last time, I have watched it about times 20. Today was the first instance there were absolutely no tears....not one. I believe it took me that many times to truly understand and appreciate this movie as Duke meant for us to......I am a bit slow, you know.

    So, G., do yourself a favor, get ready emotionally, and then sit down and watch it...all the way through. This is life as real as it gets. No "window dressing" in this one. And IF Duke had really been JB Books as he was portrayed, the end was right on the money! Remember, he still WON in the was the third eye that got him.....just as he had wanted it to.