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    Thanks Mike, the background noise does seem rather fuzzy - it's very distracting but to be expected with these old movies. The version I have is greatly cleaned up but the actor's voices are dubbed.

    I stand by my original claim, this the best pre "Stagecoach" movie that John Wayne made, his mannerisms are really perfecting and his wardrobe has greatly improved.

    Personally I would recommend the colourised version, I found the following version of this movie online and I have to ask does the background music play throughout the film or has this version also been dubbed?

    Keith we seem to have the same version on VHS, the version I have is colourised and Dukes voice is defently dubbed.

    Incidentally does the DVD version contain the original soundtrack?

    This is defently one B movie all John Wayne fans should see, its very good.


    I think this is a really good movie in which Duke really starts to develop his mannerisms. I would actually take this movie ahead of Legend of the Lost or the Undefeated any day of the week.

    What is the DVD version like Senta, is Dukes voice redubbed?