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    My eyes popped when this appeared on ebay -- a vintage still from Tall in the Saddle (1944) that includes Ben Johnson from his stuntman/extra days! This is the first movie where we can see him onscreen with John Wayne (alas not in this photo), Ward Bond and Russell Simpson (who is holding Bond's arm). Don't know who the actor on the left is -- anyone know? I thought for sure there would be a huge bidding war for this still but I was the only person who bid on it.

    I know Hawkswill will love this photo. :)


    Although the back says "Bought in N.Y." the ebay seller was located in the Netherlands. Funny how these things get around the world. :)


    Ben was Duke's riding double in Tall in the Saddle, and also had an uncredited role as a "townsman" in that one scene. I think I posted some time back here a screencap which I believe shows the very first shot ever of Ben and John Wayne visibly together on screen. Here it is again. This would also be Ben and Ward Bond's first scene together where you could see both clearly identifiable on screen. :)

    It's a little hard to spot Ben but he's the man with the big white hat low over his eyes behind Gabby Hayes.