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    OK Earl, I have created a new thread for you to post pictures of the costumes. Good chance we can help you with them. Lots of folks on here have seen the movies hundreds of times, LOL. So, go here and post the pics as you wish. Sure hope I put it in the right place! KEITH

    Forgot to tell you, I am extremely interested in anything that you have of Ward's and so is my author friend Scott:…neWardBond?ref=ts&fref=ts

    Thank you so much, Hawkswill. Yes, as it happens we do have the costume and we would love to find out as much as we can about it. If I may, I'll show some other examples of what we believe to be Wayne costumes for everyone to take a look at. Any help in identifying what film they might be from will be appreciated.


    OK Earl, I have created a new thread for you to post pictures of the costumes. Good chance we can help you with them. Lots of folks on here have seen the movies hundreds of times, LOL. So, go here and post the pics as you wish. Sure hope I put it in the right place! KEITH

    Sorry for the delay in trying to answer this for you. I have misplaced my EHD and do not have a version of Tall in the Saddle here. However, I remember seeing some studio portraits of Duke in a coat looking similar to Ward's Tall in the Saddle one, but it was a regular sport jacket type and did not have the western cut cuffs, etc. Also, at that time, Ward's upper body was a good bit broader than Duke's......the coat would have hung on Duke without extensive adjustments. Can't imagine them switching off anyway. Just wondering, why did you want to know? Do you HAVE the coat? KEITH

    Hello, I am a researcher of Hollywood costumes which are currently residing in a private collection, including a few associated with John Wayne. I would very much appreciate the help and expertise of the members of this forum.

    I am especially interested in the checkered coat being worn by Ward Bond in the above photo. Can anyone tell me whether the same coat is worn by Wayne at any point in the film?

    Thank you in advance.

    Perhaps a "Novelty type Chastity Belt"? LOL! Sorry, couldn't resist......does look a bit absurd. Our female chaps don't seem to greatly emphasize that certain spot, HAH.......that is really funny.....not MY comment, but the whole thing! What a thing to talk about...true though. Those were chaps sewn with one thing I mind, me thinks! KEITH

    You know, chaps on a woman remind me of....oh nevermind. :^)

    Well, last post of mine for Tall in the Saddle. It was a great choice Peter, and many people found they really enjoyed watching it again or for the first time. Should have known I would put up for Ward, LOL! He was a bad guy, but mainly because of his greed for card playing. He would never have gotten involved if it hadn't have been for Rocklin's uncle catching him with a marked deck. He was a gentleman and acted so throughout most of the movie.....the man could just play ANYTHING, LOL.....Pappy would say he could play a horse's....well "dexterior". So, here are two pics of him worried about the ladies when there was probably to be a gunfight on the street. He ushers them off the street to safety:

    OK, only one day left to comment. I remember a whole lot of Duke's romantic scenes where he grabs the woman rather roughly and turns his face and upper body and kisses her away from the camera. Well, he must have really like this one. Maybe because she was a TOMBOY.....boy, I should have been born a lot earlier....could've really beat her as a tomboy and I didn't use to be bad looking until I got old, LOL. Or, Maybe he was in between wives at the time of the filming of this movie........Anyone know....I have looked up so much lately......well, have a go at it, if you know! LOL. Will post new selection tomorrow. Thought I HAD it, but suddenly realized it was a Western, DARN. OK, be ready tomorrow. And thanks for the new people who have commented. Sure hope you keep it up, and get your friends to join also. Plan to make this month's one really fun! But, you need to start commenting early....maybe just a thing or two and keep on as you see new things.........don't have to tell the story.....just comment on things you noticed or especially liked, etc. Would LOVE to get some discussion going on. Heh, Ethan (Keith) commented a tad this time. I know he has written everything out already, but the whole thing here is to find out stuff on your OWN by watching the movie a few times. Don't read the reviews as they may bias you....just give your OWN thoughts. OK guys and gals, here are the love shots, LOL! All in full view of the camera! Thanks again, Keith

    Well, there were three stuntmen credited: Fred Graham, Henry Wills, and Ben Johnson. We know Ward's double wasn't Ben, and if Fred is Duke's, then Hank must be Ward's. Haven't seen a picture of Hank older so, I can't be sure. Must be though. Guess all of you knew that Paul Fix, long time friend of Duke and Ward's wrote the screenplay. Multi-talented man he was. Duke gave him a lot of credit for helping him develop his acting style.
    So, Keith must be on the money there. The Other Keith

    In case you didn't notice, and I imagine a great many of you didn't as I really had to HUNT, this is the very first Movie that BEN JOHNSON appeared in with Duke and Ward, or so I am told by his "authority" Paula. So, since she can't make it, I am again posting for her on the GW, LOL! Here are some pics of the 26 year YOUNG OLD BEN! FOR PAULA!
    Ben is on the top right on the first and the last going out on the second.
    Welcome Paula, LOL, Keith....couldn't let it go without getting your BEN in there!

    Sorry Robbie, I really want to help get participation in the GW and didn't stop to think of your problems. Please forgive my callousness. I hope things are going better for you now, and I DO know about perspective changes for sure. Actually, if I hadn't stumbled upon this List, don't know what would have been done by now!

    Hope you can find time to read the posts and make one. If you watch my still fight scene, just put it on fast and skip the little bit of text....or just skip it all together. I built it mainly to show folks the difference between GOOD stunt fighters like Duke and Ward, and just normal ones..STILL can't figure out why they didn't just let Duke and Ward do ALL of them....they certainly had had enough practice while perfecting them along with Yakima!

    Once again, please accept my apologies. Keith
    Irish Duke let me be the one to choose the next film. I will be announcing it shortly. But, if you can find time, you still have until the 30th to post on this one. We always enjoy your thoughts as they, at times, bring out more of our own.

    Hi All,

    I hope the group discussions are going well, I hope to get involved at some point but at this moment in time I've ran into a few personal difficulties and this has taken a back seat; it's amazing how much you perspective can change.

    Well, Dukesfan, glad you got to post and that you liked the little movie. Did you get a chance to see the "Still" stunt fight scene I put up of friends Duke and Ward in their first fight? Too bad the director put in stuntmen as Ward and Duke would have done a better jobl But, all in all, it was a fun little fight....even if my Ward got beat to a frazzle, LOL! I will be putting up the next movie for the next month tonight or tomorrow. But, we won't start posting on it until this one is over on the 30th. Nice to have you join in, Keith

    Well, haven't read your "story" yet, but will find it and read it.
    This, actually is the end of the Watch on Tall in the Saddle. I have been nominated to choose the next film which will be a Duke non-western.

    I am sure we would all like to see a bit of your posts on this film, but I know some of us are lazy. Wonder if you would consider copying and pasting some here?

    Hmmm wonder how many posts you have made that I haven't seen...didn't look at your numbers. Seems as if you were only about 7 away from the World Record, LOL. Looks as if Keith may NOT make it first after all.

    HAGO, Keith, the other one!

    OK, after having tested this on some friends, I was told to go for it, that it fascinated them. So, this is probably the strangest comment on the GW, but here it is. It really shows how a stunt fight scene is performed.

    And, it shows, IF the actors are really good, that they use facial expressions that would match exactly what they were "faking" at the time! You will see the Duke and Ward were just that.....very good!

    Hope you enjoy it. If you are bored by it, you can speed up the slide show, LOL.....or just stop it completely. Hope not though.

    Click on the Link. Then, when prompted write in the password which is:]
    GabbyHayes with a capital G and H and NO SPACE. Then double click on SLIDE SHOW. You can stop, go back or forward by putting your mouse up close so the tool bar will show up. As I said, you can also speed it up, but you won't be able to read the captions. There are not captions for all. Well, let me know if this was any fun for you. First time I had seen a whole fight this way. Just wish the director had not insisted on doubles as they were certainly not needed. Keith Should have found out if I could put it to music! Well, turn on some fast music and then click, LOL!…rd%20and%20Dukes%20Fight/

    Thanks MB, the real thing is coming soon. About 80 pics, I think with some captions. Really cool to see the expressions on Ward and Duke's faces. Even though they don't show up much in the movie, they sure do in the stills. BOY, they were GOOD! Still can't imagine why they used they were fit to be tied! Having a couple look it over before I post it....yours should be getting there any moment, so let me know.

    Thanks again, YK

    OK, it will be too much to post at once, so I will post the first part of the fight and then see how it goes. Might give out a slideshow link.

    Notice the ring on Ward's ring finger. He always wore one until he married Maisie and then wore a wedding ring, even in Wagon Train when he wasn't married. The stunt man didn't wear one.

    Looks like it won't take much so, I will give you a link for a slide show. There are about ninety pictures on this stunt fight. Pretty neat to see how they do everything.

    Well, thought Dooley would be back to take over by now. But, I know he had some meetings after his vacation, so....guess I am still "it", LOL!

    I have a few comments to make about the Watch, but the majority of my contribution for this is the stunt work between Duke and Ward. This is my introduction to what I will be putting up near the end of the Watch.

    Duke is known for developing realistic fight stunt work with Yakima Canutt. They worked hard on getting "it down". Ward and Duke were best friends and they did a great deal of practice stunt work, making it to be more real, etc. when they were at the Farm, when they had had too much card playing and too much Tequila, and a whole lot too much of Pappy Ford! Thing is, they rarely got to fight each other in movies as they were usually "pals".........just in practice and teaching others. For an older movie, Tall in the Saddle had a super fight scene between Ward and Duke. The one thing I cannot understand is WHY, as Mark said, they had some OBVIOUS stunt men that looked nothing like them for no reason. I mean, the first one was a man swinging his left leg up and hitting Duke in the jaw. I thought, well, Ward couldn't do that because of his leg...............wrong! Ward's leg was almost severed in the same year, but it had to have been after the movie.....because he was in hospital for about a year or so after the accident. Long story. Anyway, the only reason I could see for obvious stunt men....didn't look at all or were not near the same size as Duke and that some stove pipes, some books and a bookcase fell on them. What a joke! They all could have been props, which is what they looked like anyway. And the "fighting" done by Ward and Duke was obviously superior to the stunt guys. So, I have done a frame by frame of the stunts, oh I left out some but kept the good stuff, LOL.
    Right before Ward and Duke fought, they stood face to face. I took shots of that to show what I believe to be their excitement at what they were about to do.....use all the practice they had done for a REAL MOVIE fight scene. Of course, they weren't supposed to be excited in the movie, but you can see it plain on their faces. Ward overacts a bit when laughing at what Duke says, and you can see a glimmer of a smile on Duke's face when he tells Judge Garvey, (Ward), that he is taking the cards in to be checked....he KNOWS they are about to have their first SCREEN fight, LOL!```So, now that you know what the two pictures are about, I will post them. My last post will be much more involved showing the whole fight sequence............looks a LOT different in frame by frame, LOLl Took a long time to do, but I think all will get a kick out of it.......hope so anyway. OK, here are Ward and Duke IN the Movie thinking about the very next thing they will be doing.......stunt fighting each other for the first time on film!``Keith


    Thanks Ernie, never looked up the locations before. And you were most detailed in your explanation. Appreciate it. Oh, Mark in the winner of the contest. I am sure you will remember the little "phrase" when you see what he wrote, LOL. Now, to choose a sketch that he will especially like!

    Have a super day, and talk a buddy or two into joining the GW. Keith