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    As promised, here are my thoughts regarding the movie.

    Like most Duke movies this one was enjoyable, and in many ways the perfect film for him to make right after his surgery, he hadn't lost a step in anyway in the rough and tumble department. Although it was interesting to see how many times I could spot, who I assume was Chuck Roberson filling in for Duke in the brawl for all between the 4 brothers.
    It's a fun movie, but nothing substantial and not one that comes anywhere near my favorites. Although Duke's intro is memorable.
    I also have to acknowledge the fun performances of the always reliable Paul Fix who knew more than he should, but not enough to do anything about it and regretted it.
    George Kennedy as Curly, he's another actor who always delivers no matter how poor the material.
    John Doucette who played Hyselman, I can't believe I never realized he was also in Big Jake, he's another fun one to watch.
    Lastly, I always convinced that Morgan Hastings and Deep Throat from X-Files were played by the same person. Obviously, I was wrong.
    It's a standard revenge movie made memorable by the performances of the actors, but without them this movie is one that would quickly be forgotten.

    I just watched this last night and I enjoyed it more than I remembered, the score was beautiful and I must give Bernstein his due he is indeed a damn good composer. The cinematography was just beautiful, and with the exception of Hopper I enjoyed everyones performance.

    John Wayne's intro in this movie is my all time favorite intro in any of his movies. He looked amazingly good and appeared to be in the best health of his life here, after reading about events leading up to this it makes it even more significant in his career to me.

    The ending however left me very unsatisfied, I wanted to Duke to beat the hell out of Hastings and instead all he did was blow him up.... that was too good of a way for Hastings to die.

    Up next for my viewing pleasure Liberty Valance.