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    I've watched this film loads of times and i've never heard the scream JohnChisum but i'll watch it again and pay closer attention to see if i can hear anything

    According to IMDB the scream can be heard.
    [imdb] When John Wayne is dragged into the river, you can hear a child calling out, "Dad!". This was his three-year-old son Ethan Wayne, who was watching off camera and knew how ill his father was.

    Cannot remember If I ever heard a scream. Maybe they really cut it out of the DVD releases.

    Oh yes the music score is great. There is a great theme when John Wayne is walking to get the villain before the last shootout. :hyper:

    Just love that Movie. I always enjoyed that movie. The four sons John Wayne, Dean Martin, Michael Anderson Jr. (Bud Elder) and Earl Holliman (Matt Elder) aren't really looking like four brothers but there was a good chemistry between the four actors. Unfortunately Dino hasn't made more movies with Duke. This time Dean Martin didn't steal the Show. The second half of The Sons of Katie Elder reminded me on Rio Bravo. Good Movie, great Western and always fun to watch.:teeth_smile:

    I'm also curious about the scream. I'll watch it soon again and I if I hear the scream I'll post it.