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    My mom comes from a large family and her oldest brother is now 83yrs old while her youngest brother will turn 54 next month.That is enough of an age difference to me.


    Ya know, it occured to me, the one thing I think we fogot to mention when talking about the age span in the Elder brothers characters and the fact that Katie would had to have been fertile for 30 some odd years, is the fact that back in the 1700's, 1800's, and up into the 1900's that is wasn't uncommon for girls to wed as early as 12 yrs. old (some by arranged marriages) and have their first child by the time they were 13 or 14 yrs. old and would continue to have children into their early 40's, especially in rural areas, as well as in some metropolitan areas.

    Yes indeed! I do appreciate the info. I may not post a lot, but I do read a bunch, and most everytime I learn something new ;) .

    Sorry bout that. I missed you already posted that info. Sometimes in long post's I miss some info and sometimes my little ol' attention span wanders :uhuh: .

    It wasn't unusual for people in rural America to have rather large families and at a vast age, my Dad's family was 13 brothes and sisters with 4 half brothers and a half sister for a grand total of 18 kids :wacko: , the first being born in 1928 and the last being born in 1954. Birth control was not well practiced then or before.

    Check this out, there was indeed a Kate Elder. She was Doc Holliday's (of O.K. corral fame) wife/girlfriend or whatever. She was called "Big nosed" Kate Elder.