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    Thanks for making my point for me.

    BTW if you aren’t aware of people having siblings much older than them I guess you haven’t grown up around many large families. There are two friends of mine who have nieces and nephews older than they are so to me an 18 year old with a 40 year old brother is nothing out of the ordinary.

    Dean Martin was not believable as one of the brothers as he was clearly Italian.

    I don’t get this statement. How was Dean Martin “clearly Italian “? His accent sounds pretty American to me. I never saw a single strand of spaghetti in his teeth in any movie he ever played in. If by your statement you meant that he seemed to portray a certain warmth and zest for life yeah I’ll give you that.

    I grew up with people who were clearly Italian, my grandfather’s people being from Abruzzi. I’ve known “clearly Italian” people who are 5 ft. tall, olive skinned with dark eyes and I’ve known “clearly Italian” people who are 6 ft. 8, blonde haired and blue eyed so frankly there is only one basis I can think of for your statement.

    Would you say that Kirk Douglas is clearly Russian Jewish or that Mike Connors is clearly Armenian?

    By the way Dean was born in Steubenville, Ohio. The city’s pretty proud of that fact as there is a sign boasting of it as you enter town. And for what it’s worth his son Dean Paul gave the full measure of service to his country as a fighter pilot; dying in a F4 that went down in a snow storm over the San Bernardino Mountains.