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    I came upon this under Tommy Kirk's entry at IMDB awhile ago,


    In 1965, I'd signed a contract for 'The Sons of Katie Elder' with John Wayne, but a week before shooting I went to a Hollywood party that the vice squad busted because of marijuana. I was handcuffed and photos of me got in the papers with headlines like 'Ex-Disney Child Star Arrested for Pot!' So Wayne and the producers fired me."

    I assume he was going to play Bud. I think he would have been even more unbelievable as Duke's brother that Michael Anderson Jr. was, he's really short.

    As it was Katie must have been fertile for 35 years to have sons with such a large age span.

    I always thought it was odd they used the name Katie Elder. Wasn't there an actual Katie Elder in the old West famed as a madam or one of the girls?

    It's one of my favorite John Wayne movies anyway. It has a great Elmer Bernstein score.