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    Thanks Gorch, glad you like them. I think we'd all like to see more duke 'memorabilia' on here.
    It is a bit of a pain but once you're in the flow it's not too bad.
    Maybe just try with your choicest poster or still rather than being demoralized at the prospect of posting multiple images. ;)

    Watching Sons of Katie Elder again I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It starts off with a rousing fanfare by Elmer Bernstein who was obviously having a Magnificent Seven day! Superbly directed by Henry Hathaway whose body of work with the Duke I personally feel is right up there and just shy of the heady heights of the Duke / Ford collaborations.
    There are some familiar faces in here from True Grit and other Duke films which is always nice to see. The build up to the introduction on screen of John Elder is great as you keep wondering when he's going to appear. The story is well paced and has a good balance of humour and pathos. James Gregory and George Kennedy, as usual, do not disappoint and are great as the 'villians' of the story. Watching it again in more detail, ie concentrating!, it has actually moved up on my list of favourite Duke movies.