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    Originally posted by ethanedwards@Mar 9 2006, 06:55 PM
    Great answer Nathan,

    Don't bother watching the film, you are spot on!,
    It's when Duke is holding the baby at the 'Meeting'.


    Yup, that's exactly the right movie and scene....good job. Anyone else care to try and stump us?

    Hmm...Chance Buckman in Hellfighters?

    Ahh...right you are Arthur. I think he was refering to Paddy Samuels in Brannigan, when he said that.

    Good job Chester! He uttered that immortal line, as he's walking down the road to meet George Clews in a showdown. Great, great film.

    Okay Chester...your turn to put up a quote for us to guess.

    I saw this being done on another board, and it looked like fun. How you play, is to guess who said the current quote, and what John Wayne film is it from. Then you post one up next....I'll start:

    "Touch that gun and I'll kill ya"