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    Hi all,
    It is enjoyable movie for me and I like it more when I watch it for the second time. For the good review I sertainly must see it for the third, but because it is now the movie of the week I'd like to add Just a few comments.
    It is any doubt brilliant beginning of the film and all that snow add athmosphere to it. I was always doubting were it could be with all that snow, because in the whole film it seems to be summer. Were he chased that outlaws?
    Other nice thing at the beginning is Duke singing that song about walkins the streets down in Loredo from the Three Godfathers, were Harry Carey Jr. sings it. By the way is it possible to get somewere words of it?
    And it is little personal feeling in this movie for me, because when I got passion for work I too sometimes forgot to look: with what problems my son is living. But thanks God he hasn't intention to rob bank.
    I agree with all posts about very impressive evil in the film, mainly because of great Kennedy work. But I don't think that Dukes side are weaker.
    Vera :rolleyes: