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    Hey, you guys, I just wanted to let you know that I merged our current discussion (from the past couple of days) with the Hatari thread in Duke Movie Reviews forum, as it keeps it all together, and also follows the previous discussion in a pertinent manner.

    I hope y'all don't mind . . . .

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    You have to keep in mind that when Hatari was filmed, people's mindset towards hunting big game in Africa was a lot different than it is today. The animal rights organizations really didn't get started until the end of the 70s. I'm sure there were some groups of smaller size, but they never really affected public opinion. Prior to that time, it was quite the rage to go to Africa as a big game hunter and shoot lions and tigers and . . . whatever jumped up in front of you.

    Personally, I wouldn't find that very interesting, as I would only be interested in hunting for something I planned on eating, but like I say, that was a different time, and things change. At that time, very few big game animals were actually being shot. It has only been in the last twenty to thirty years that poachers armed with machine guns have been killing off these animals in order to sell different body parts to the highest bidder. Now that, I think, is a truly a criminal act.

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    Amen to that! As much as I love the Duke and his movies, not all are as family friendly as others, but Hatari has components that satisfy even the younger members of our little audience (our family :rolleyes: ).

    So while I would agree that it is not among the most memorable John Wayne movies, it is a good time every now and then.

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