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    Great shots of the catches, Hawkswill. I am not sure if this is the answer you are looking for, but none of the men are wearing gloves. I can't see how they don't rip their hands up pulling tight on those ropes with wild animal pulling the other end.. Is that it?


    Hi Mark, you beat me to it! Gloves was the frost thing that I thought of too.
    Lets see if we're right! Excellent screen grabs again ladyhawk

    These screen grabs are fantastic Ladyhawk. There's so much action going on and the colours look so amazing it makes me want to watch it again, lol!
    I hope this gets the blu ray treatment soon as it would look spectacular!


    I'm glad we don't always all agree on film choices. Hatari actually went up my list after watching it again, lol!
    I'll be interested to see what next months titles brings.

    I did not have the time to join the group watch so far, but I listened to the new complete and restored Hatari soundtrack CD from Intrada. GREAT! Perfect stereo quality and much more music from Henry Mancini than on the old soundtrack CD.

    Same here Dukesfan. There has been a huge amount of Duke soundtracks of late, legend of the lost and Iwo Jima are the only 2 I would steer clear of, all the others have been great! Glad you enjoyed Hatari, great hearing it like that for the first time.

    Damn we're almost getting cerebral on this thread! Lol!
    I know what you mean Mark, thankfully most of the zoos in the UK are pretty good.
    I have been bought 'a day as a zookeeper' as a Christmas present this year, I've got my big goggles and cap with the huge peak at the ready, I'll let you know how I get on!

    Ok, so I've read through 6 pages of the group watch and all seem to have been answered and won by Rocklin!
    Regarding the whole zoo/animals in the wild I agree wholeheartedly with Peridot.
    Burying or heads in the sand on this will achieve nothing.
    One of the fundamental changes in the last 100, or even 50 years, is the huge advancements in medical care. People are living longer, diseases which would have impacted on the growth of the world population can be cured or at least reduced. I could go on about other aspect of the modern world but it's all pretty obvious stuff.
    Going back to animals in the wild debate: It would be too naive to think we should not have zoos. They are often the conduit that make youngsters decide they want to do something and work with animals, not necessarily in zoos but also in the wild and keep many endangered species from extinction. They also have breeding programs to help dwindling numbers in the wild.
    The WWF, world wildlife fund, facilitate great ways for you to help animals in the wild.
    I signed up my wife, mother and myself to 3 'adoption programs' for Christmas 3 years ago where a small monthly payment goes to help towards the care of endangered species. See link.
    We're currently doing our very small bit for orang-utans, Bengal tigers and black rhinos. I've never cancelled the subscription, can't bring myself to. Us English folks are suckers for animals!
    Anyhow, I hope that's not so massively off topic; Keith does want our opinions on here so if I can muster up enough time to do it everyone on else can! ;)

    Indeed, I have just finished re watching Hatari! and I now like it even more!
    It would be a boring place if we all liked the same things and I really do like this one: the film and the soundtrack!
    I'll go back and re read Keith's posts and be a good group watcher and answer a few of the questions, no pressure! Lol!

    Keith, the screen grabs are really fantastic and the questions are really hard, for me at least, lol! I've watched Hatari! a few times but my brain is like a sieve and can't recall the specifics.
    That's what I'm enjoying about the group watch, with all the insight we've had of late, we should all see and learn something new when watching Duke's films again.

    Way to go Keith the 2nd. ;)

    Here's the blurb from the Intrada website re the Hatari CD, plus track listing.

    Special Collection Volume 200 is neat milestone! World premiere release of actual Henry Mancini soundtrack to terrific Howard Hawks adventure film set in Africa, starring John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, Red Buttons. Wayne and company capture rare animals for various world zoos. Some species are easier to catch than others. Elephants inspire Mancini to create legendary tune "Baby Elephant Walk", available for first time ever in its original soundtrack guise. Famous swaggering tune for high register Eb clarinet also figures during climactic "Search For Dallas". Leopard, buffalo, monkey, giraffe, ostrich all get their say but incredibly dangerous rhino sequences are what bring out Mancini's equally legendary main theme, often heard on choir of French horns in unison. In 1962, Mancini re-recorded just 30 minutes of highlights for admittedly sensational RCA album. In companionship with that album, now enjoy Mancini's complete original recordings, presented mostly in stereo from Paramount Pictures scoring session elements. A few sections required use of mono stems to allow restoration of complete soundtrack. This new hour long release carries landmark significance: every Mancini album during this most famous period of his career (Breakfast At Tiffany's, Hatari, Charade, Experiment In Terror, The Pink Panther) was heavily truncated and completely re-arranged with emphasis on dance mood. Along with new release of Charade, this marks exciting debut of an actual Mancini soundtrack from the era! Danger, romance, thrills, comedy, all getting rich Mancini melody! Unforgettable original campaign artwork is icing on the cake. Henry Mancini conducts. Available while quantities and interest remain.

    01. The Sounds Of Hatari 4:17
    02. Main Title 2:35
    03. Safari Bar Piano Blues 1:24
    04. Giraffe Country 1:34
    05. Just For Tonight (Instrumental) 2:10
    06. Paraphrase I 1:40
    07. Night Side 2:35
    08. Dallas Has A Plan 1:31
    09. Trip To Masai Wells 1:06
    10. Indian Comes Home 0:58
    11. Just For Tonight (Solo Piano) 2:24
    12. Swift Animal Chase 0:49
    13. Dead Elephant 0:37
    14. Night Side (Record Player) 2:19
    15. Leopard And Buffalo 1:51
    16. The Crocodile 1:08
    17. Your Father’s Feathers 1:50
    18. Baby Elephant Walk (Short) 1:57
    19. Crocodile, Go Home! 1:10
    20. Big Band Bwana 1:46
    21. Paraphrase II 1:26
    22. Wildebeest Hunt 2:36
    23. Brandy Sniffer 2:09
    24. Ice Bucket Blues 1:42
    25. Monkey Suits 2:04
    26. Baby Elephant Walk (Long) 3:14
    27. Elephant Scare 0:49
    28. More Rhino 0:53
    29. Burnt Fingers 2:59
    30. Search For Dallas 4:23
    31. Just For Tonight (Chorus) 2:10
    32. Finale 0:19

    I was surprised the soundtrack wasn't liked (Bill). In soundtrack circles it's a rare one tons of people want to get their hands on. In fact it's just been re mastered and released on a limited edition CD and has flown out of the door. I've bought a copy, haven't listened to it yet, lol! I'll comment on it when I've listened to it!

    Well said!
    This is a harmless piece of romantic comedy fluff with some amazing action and stunning locations. Duke seems to be having a ball and his comedy delivery is spot on, far more than in some other of his comedy films which actually make me cringe as Duke is so bad!

    It reminds me in part of the Hal Wallis vehicles produced for Elvis in the 60s, exotic locales and silly romances all wrapped up in glorious technicolor.

    I didn't know about the tragedies which befell the production so hopefully during the month more nuggets of information will come to light, I love learning new things.

    Not bad... I'm commenting on here and haven't watched the film yet!

    Good choice Keith, as you all know I have a soft spot for this one. It may be long, and some think lame, but the action and locations are stunning! I'll try and watch this one before the last day of the month!

    Wonderful images Mike, I'm so pleased you posted these on here!
    I really enjoyed this one too, as a romantic comedy I like it up there with Donovan's Reef.
    Haven't seen you around here regularly since I've been a member but really glad you're back on here now!
    Keep up the awesome image posting!

    Great pics.
    However, like Circus World,
    I found this movie just as tedious
    but not quite so boring.
    My opening post sums up my views.

    Each to their own, that's what makes the world go round.
    I enjoy it far more than North to Alaska:wink_smile: