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    Ideally, all animals would have sufficient range to remain in their native habitat and live free and wild. That would be lovely. Unfortunately, we human beings have uncontrolled population growth and we have damaged habitat to the degree that virtually every animal habitat has been destroyed or changed. Some people find it difficult to accept this but denial of facts doesn't make them invalid. Did you know there are more tigers living in the state of Texas than there are living in the wild in Siberia? That's right. There are fewer than 500 Siberian tigers left living in the wild. The largest carnivorous cat in the world is nearly extinct in its natural habitat.

    It's absolutely unrealistic to believe that zoos can be eliminated. They're the only place most people will see wild animals in their lifetimes. For those who decry their necessity, one wonders how many people are in their own families...and how many children they have. There is an inverse connection between human population and the habitat encroachment on wildlife population all over the world. The more people the fewer wildlife, it's as simple as that.

    Without zoos to maintain some genetic diversity, we would lose these species forever. Many of them are already extinct in their natural habitat. I see zoos as a necessary evil until people come to their senses and realize this planet cannot support uncontrolled numbers of humanity.

    :rant:There are more humans than there are rats on the planet now. Did you know that? We now outnumber vermin at 7 billion people. We're already living in a mass extinction. It may already be too late to turn it around unless we do something about it in the next 10 years. I have a son. Perhaps you have children. They are our hostages to the future. They will pay the price for our mistakes and the price will be high. :rant:

    This is the sixth mass extinction. Now extinct in the wild:

    Camelus dromedarius (Dromedary)
    Elaphurus davidianus (Pere David's Deer)
    Oryx dammah (Oryx)
    Ceratotherium simum cottoni (Northern White Rhino)
    Panthera tigris amoyensis (South China Tiger)

    Corvus hawaiiensis Hawaii Crow
    Gallirallus owstoni Guam Rail
    Mitu mitu
    Alagoas Curassow
    Zenaida graysoni
    Socorro Dove

    Atelopus zeteki
    Panamanian Golden Frog
    Craugastor punctariolus Bob's Robber Frog
    Hemiphractus sp. Casque-headed Frog
    Nectophrynoides asperginis Kihansi Spray Toad

    This list is neither comprehensive nor inclusive of the megafauna we have lost in the last century. It's only a short illustration of a few animals that would be forever lost were it not for zoos. It doesn't include Ray-finned fish, tortoises nor microfauna. :stunned:

    Keith, honey, are you sorry you asked? :))):

    Just to let you know that after Thursday 11th I shall be away for a long weekend, but I have bookmarked the forum page on our Sandra's notebook so I might pop in to see who is answering all the questions.

    I'm 70 years young a war baby born while bombs were being dropped all over England.

    Okay now this woman Dianna Knobi supposedly killed by a tame Lion during the making of Hatari for one there is no Lion tame or otherwise in the movie. We saw a Leopard caught in a cage up a tree and a tame Cheetah named Sonja but no Lion, I think someone as got their wires crossed, I have just been to the Wikipedia page and it mentions nothing about the woman.

    From what I Googled yesterday, she was going to be stuntman for one of the actresses in the film but she was killed elsewhere. I'll try to find the link again for you. It sounds like she had an interesting if tragic life.

    Edit: Found it, here's the link.

    Her name was Diana Hartley Knodi.

    As many times as I've seen this film, as a wee child and recently, I'd no idea they made it up as they went along. The Duke was not bad at improv.

    Interesting thread. Thanks for the invitation, Keith.

    For those of you concerned about your young relatives being exposed to smoking and worried they might find it cool, here's my experience and how I used this and Mad Men as an educational tool: I point out to my son how ubiquitous the smoking is and that John Wayne was diagnosed with lung cancer the next year after this film was shot. In addition I make the point that he lost a lung and that he quit smoking and he came out against cigarettes and smoking for the rest of his life.

    This is a teaching tool. The fact that the tobacco companies all knew about the risks of smoking and lied about them to us all is key to mention now.

    My sister was worried that my nephews would smoke because their father does. When we went on car trips up I95, I made certain to point out the tobacco to them. I called it 'fields of death.' Kids are smart. Show them what it says on the side of cigarettes today. They know better now. Both our parents died from cigarette-induced cancer, and they know about that. Tell them about the good friends you've lost. They'll listen. Both my nephews are over 6'3" now and neither one smokes. One of them is 6'7" and a bodybuilder. He makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a short, skinny wuss. :wink_smile: Ain't no smoking for him.

    So, as John Wayne used to say, "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." I see tobacco as trouble and I'm always ready to face it down, but that's how I deal with it. YMMV.