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    That poster thread looks quite dead really, no comments or posts in 2 1/2 years.

    That's because I closed it, so that the continuity of the posters
    would not be cluttered with posts, which I placed here
    Mike's Duke Poster Thread- Discussion
    Best Wishes
    Totnes- the Tombstone of England

    Right... I'm a bit unfocused, sorry about that.
    I will post 'new' stuff soon. There's always stuff coming in :)

    Hi Keith,
    well, being busy & sick (sometimes both). Published my first book in the UK / US last winter, STEVE McQUEEN - THE ACTOR AND HIS FILMS. Co-produced a UK Blu-ray for CROSS OF IRON, wrote a screenplay... The daughter of the producer who hired me for that screnplay lives near (HATARI!) Momella Game Lodge in Tansania! Small world again.

    Guess I posted this stuff already in my poster thread then, sorry about polluting this one here, I'll stop and won't post the posters now (see: Mikes Memorabilia Thread). Maybe my stills, guess I never posted those. Some Sample Sheets I only have left with my archive numbers on them, sorry about that:

    Still one of my Top 5 Wayne Films. Top 3 actually :)
    RIO BRAVO being another one you can guess that I'm very much into
    Howard Hawks. I love Africa, so there came the right film. In the 50s/60s wild game
    was always treated as 'extras' in the ss-called 'Safari - films', but in HATARI! animals as well as the landscape is a real part of the story and the emotions the film manages to bring across. I guess Jim McBride once pointed out during a Hawks interview how much he liked the relationships and the bounding between the characters and Hawks replied: ''I like to be around them too.'' That's how I feel :). And that's one of the reasons why us HATARI! fans watch this very long and rather plotless film over and over again - we like to be around them too...

    I don't rember whether I posted all my HATARI! stuff in the forum, well here it is anyway. Posters and lobby cards from 18 countries:

    That must be a great memory!
    HATARI! is among my Top 3 Wayne films. Partly because of Africa (I guess it's maybe the best film describing the magic of this continent), partly because of Hawks. Besides the technical aspect (Hawks was a sort of a motorhead, he even constructed a race car in the late 20's) - building those special vehicles for filming at high speed on rough terrain - Hawks managed something unique: this special feeling of a group that really is a family. That film could run for 4 hours and still would never be boring. In the 70's Hawks replied to historian McBride: 'Yes, I like to be around them too.' (Speaking of his film characters in HATARI!).
    I met Hardy Krüger 5 years ago. I wanted him to be the narrator of my Sam Peckinpah documentary. He is a though, honest and adventurous man - great character. He likes to tell the story how he drank Wayne under the table: When they first got together, Wayne played the old 'let's check this young turk out..' game and planned a long night at the bar with Kruger. Kruger had great respect for Big John (naturally) and did some investigation beforehand. Before they met that night he drank a lot of oil because someone had told him that it somehow helds back a lot of alcohol in the stomach. It worked and Wayne was impressed!

    I'm still looking for BIG GAME HUNTING WITHOUT GUNS, the 1961 35mm or 16mm making of - featurette. :(
    Nobody? You can get A LOT from me for that one, just want to make a copy, no need to sell it to me...

    Some behind the scenes shots from my archive: