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    Could be sour grapes on White's part, as Duke was fiercely loyal to folks and expected the same from them. He kept Bruce Cabot around in nearly EVERY movie he made in the 60's and early part of the 70's to make sure he was taken care one would give Cabot work.

    It's sad that we can't get the stories straight from JW himself, as you KNOW he'd tell you straight up what went on!!

    Ringo - think about it. JW would NEVER shoot a chained animal under ANY circumstances, as that just wasn't in his makeup. Also, the story tha I've heard through the years is that it was, in fact, shot in the wild. The scene that has with the one coming too close and trumpeting angrily, is supposedly the one that he shot (outside the scene). Of course, I've been wrong before, and my memory could be a bit fuzzy...