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    Apparently, James Arness was offered the role played by Rock Hudson but for whatever reason passed on it. It would have been interesting to see what the film would have been like with Wayne and Arness together.


    I still think that with both of them it would have still been tough to do much with. I think the script was lacking too much and the film had way to many holes in it to make it believeable. In my opinion anyways.

    I have to agree with Robbie on this film. I just cannot get into the film that much, it has its moments but it just seems to always be missing something. When I am cruising the channels I stop and watch it for a bit but just simply grow tired of it after awhile and move on.

    Along with what you said Etan, the acting was not the best with all the "it" personalities from the day. None of them ever turned out to be outstanding actors, like Jan-Micheal Vincent, Roman Gabriel, and Merlin Olsen. Plus the ending was just about the worst for a Duke film. Just a very weak film. I watch it when it comes on but I don't seek it out.