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    I agree it may be their weakest collaboration, but I still find it enjoyable overall. The chemistry with Ben, Rock, Bruce, Duke, and the familiar cast-mates is fine as usual. I still watch it often. I find Rio Lobo less enjoyable than this one.

    Actually in Big Jake, I thought he looked great, in fine shape. Wish he'd gotten some larger roles in these films-especially Undefeated and Big Jake. I would have preferred him in Rio Lobo as the Sheriff too.

    Hmm-I never thought he looked older than his actual age in those films. He was a hard drinker at one time, but I think he had stopped sometime in the early 60s. The drinking and his messy divorce from Shirly Temple IMHO had alot to do with his career problems.

    John Agar had said he had a nice death scene in the movie, but it ended up being cut due to the film being too long.

    It's funny, I always wondered where he was too (in the movie). The when I finally spotted him, he stands out every time I see the film. It's too bad he couldn't have been given a larger part.

    In spite of the Blue Boy romance, I still like the film. Nothing monumental, but it's a good time waster.