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    I like both of them too. I like most military films and I've always liked any movies about the Khan's.

    In my opinion, 'The Conqueror' is a highly entertaining film, with hugh production values, a wonderful music score (by none other than Victor Young), and excellent character actors. And besides all this, the out-of-print Goodtimes DVD spots a wonderful transfer and carries the original 2.0 stereo soundtrack, which really booms out of your speakers.

    I can certainly think of a dozen other Duke films that I'd pass on to watch this one.

    Thanks for replying. I actually enjoyed this movie even though there were several who thought it was one of his lesser efforts.

    As long as you enjoy it, that's all that matters. Hey, I'm one of the few who actually like Jet Pilot and The Conqueror. Doesn't affect my enjoyment of those films in the least.

    Well, I finally...finally...FINALLY saw the pickup truck at the end of this film yesterday. I had to look over the scene a few times, as the truck is only visable for maybe half a second. But it does pull into the scene right before the camera shifts away from Duke. Ahhhh...been watching this film for years, and could never see the truck that everyone talked about.

    As for the film itself, it is basically an OK John Wayne movie. Nothing much happens during the film, but it's always fun just to watch Duke in a western. Being one of his later-day roles, I'd rate the film above Chisum, but not as good as Big Jake.