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    When you see Agar in those bit roles in The Undefeated, Chisum and, Big Jake, he looked old, like he was in his 60's. Yet, he was really only around 50 at the time. I really liked him in those early roles in Sands Of Iwo Jima, Fort Apache and, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and he did another good war movie back then called Breakthrough and, for me, he seemed to disappear from the screen. I don't remember seeing him in anything else till he did a bit part as Dion O'Bannion in St. Valentines Day Massacre. Again, he looked older than his 46 yrs. But, you look on IMDb, and he did alot of roles in both movies and tv. I must have missed all those because I don't remember them.

    Just thought I'd let everybody know that Antonio Aguilar who played the Juarista Gen Rojas died the other day at the age of 88. I guess he was a popular Mariachi singer in Mexico and also appeared in over 150 films.

    Here's a couple of more quotes from the movie:

    When Thomas and his men see Cpl Little George(Merlin Olsen) for the first time.
    I think it's Short Grub who says, "that's the biggest man I ever saw" and Thomas replies, "that's the biggest anything I ever saw".

    At the end of the movie as they're all marching out of Mexico into Texas, Short Grub says, " I sure do miss Mr. McCartney", another man says, "yeah but, I don't miss his cooking" and Short Grub replies, "no, I don't miss his cooking, either".