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    The movie is unforgiveably dull and very laboured. Duke doesnt look as striking as usual, the storyline rambles and the action is weak and unexciting.

    This was the first John Wayne movie I ever disliked.


    It takes a really spectacular movie to stand up and be counted, the Undefeated is such a movie, it stands up to be counted as one of the worst and most pointless movies ever made.

    It was one of the first John Wayne movies I seen and the first that I really disliked, it is a truely horrible movie. The plot is long and borring with some pathetic action scenes thrown in to wake the viewer up. In one of the most uneventful shootouts in any western a group of soldiers attack a well armed group of ex soldiers yielding only swords.

    The cattle drive lacks just about everything and nothing in this movie really works, its painful to watch and should be avoided at all costs, after Hellfighters its John Waynes worst movie of the 1960's.