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    Here is alittle info about the Blu-Ray high def release date for "The Gren Berets":

    Warner has also announced that the John Wayne classic The Green Berets will debut on Blu-ray on 1/5/2010 (SRP $28.99). Extras will include the vintage The Filmmakers: The Making of The Green Berets featurette. The title is already available on DVD

    Lauri Törni alias Larry Thorn on whom Kirby's character was based had an unusual life. He was a captain in the Finnish army during the wars against the Soviet Union (WW2 for the rest of the world). He couldn't live with the peace treaty made and moved to Germany in 1945 (when Finland was no more an ally of Germany) to get advanced saboteur training. He was captured by Brits, and then by Finns and spent several years in jail. After release, he moved to South America and then to the North, as an illegal immigrant, but worked his way to a resident and even US army officer. He died in Vietnam, and his remains were actually found in 1999.

    So, were any of the storylines in the movie based on actual events that Thorn was involved in?