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    The main problem was that John Wayne tried to make a World War II-style propaganda film about the Vietnam War.

    I don't see the problem. Most war films are propaganda. Duke made his to honor the men over there, who caught nothing but grief back home. The critics hated the "propaganda" movie, but the public came out and made it a success.

    They probably would have had a harder time getting the armed services to help out as much as they did, had not Duke been a major part in the film. I agree that some of the actors didn't look the part, but that is Hollywood. I never let stuff like that ruin a good film for me.


    I do think the world has gone mad with all this 'political correctness'.
    Not sure what it's like for you guys across the pond but it's out of hand over here!

    Same here, Dooley. Drives me and the wife crazy! Can't go hurting anyone's feelings now, can we? lol


    Here is an example of the book the movie was made from. The book is actually a collection of stories from the war in Viet Nam. Reading the book, you can see where they took pieces of it to make the story in the movie. A good read.