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    Speaking of The Green Berets. I am or was still in the process of watching episodes from The "A" Team 1st season--and on the last disk-I think the 1st episode? it showed lots of footage from The Green Berets in it when "The "A" Team" was reminiscing about their service with some friend who was killed whose funeral they wanted to attend. ANyway, you see great chopper action, that bridge being blown sky-high, as well as scenes where they are about to infiltrate a village where they find many murdered.

    Anyway, it's nice to see in episodes where there is something to do with Duke or some of his movies. I also see they have a sort of "tribute" to Ronal REagan too--but you will have to watch that show to see what I mean as I aint tellin. ;-))

    The Green Berets is one of those Duke movies that are in my earliest memory of anything. I bet I have seen this movie at least 80 times or more over the years. I never tire of seeing it and when it is shown, I watch it. You can guess that it is one of my all-time most favorite movies. I don't care either what the damned critics say about this movie. It just further proves to me that the critics "dont-know-what-time-it-is" when it comes to critiquing movies.

    Hi Keith, well done my friend, VERY well done!! :-)) I agree with you all in syaing, the heck with what the critics say about the film. I like it as much as I did the first time I saw it way back when I was a yonker--meaning when I was a toddler. ;-))