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    Thanasis - "The Green Berets" was a much better movie than the critics were willing to admit. There was a wealth of character actors Duke rounded up for this movie including Jason Evers, (the guy shaking hands with Duke in the second picture above) , David Janssen, Jim Hutton and others who had not worked with Wayne before. Much has been made of the sun setting in the wrong direction in the final scene, but the movie, to me at least, was very enjoyable.

    Actually one of my favorite John Wayne films. Critics (liberals) jumped all over Duke for making this because it put the Vietnam war in a positive light. But it was well made and provided an alternative point of view (which wasn't in favor at the time). But it did good box office, so what do the critics know (I'm sorry the sun sets in the east, but that doesn't detract from the movie in anyway - besides from what I've seen on another topic, 90% of folks don't know Vietnam from South Africa)?

    Before I retired, a gentleman who was in the army and stationed at Ft. Bragg during the making of "The Green Berets", told me about being an extra in the movie. He gave me a couple of prints of photos he had made that were taken with him and Duke in informal poses. They are both dressed up in their uniforms for the movie and the background is the building at the site of the big battle.
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    [quote='DakotaSurfer','']I spent 12 years in our military and love this film. I could care less what the critics say. Unless you experience the military life and daily routine and deal with the hardships they have no right talk against what we do and the perfect answer was in the film. We don't get into politics, we go where we're told and do the job we are trained to do. We don't get issued a political handbook just a seabag and orders. Excellent review![/quote ]

    Amen to that, DakotaSurfer. Duke was very staunch to do this film with the political climate the way it was at that time. Despite the critics, as you say, this was an excellent film (although I didn't like Jim Hutton getting his demise near the end). And the nitpickers be damned!
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