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    Hi Dakota Surfer

    Thanks for the information. The Green Berets is being released again in UK with John Wayne Collector magazine so that why I was wondering whether this release would be single sided.



    Hi Senta

    All releases be it video or DVD depend on the master material being used.

    I think the film companies like us all to but at least 4 copies of each DVD.

    First the DVD release with any print or sound faults, :cry2:

    Then the restored version with the sound and print faults fixed, :)

    Then the collectors edition with all the extras. :stunned:

    and Then Finally The Directors Cut sold in a big metal tin like a reel of film with restored scenes and even more extras that also falls off the shelf every 5 minutes. :fear2:


    Have to admit I always liked this movie and thought it worked well.

    On the DVD front it is the only one that I have that is printed on both sides that you have to switch it to see the other half of the movie. Why they did it this way is anyone's guess as it is not that long a movie.

    If it is released in this UK John Wayne magazine I will buy it to have a one sided disc.