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    I don't figure it either,WT, unless the public was just tired of military type movies. I LOVED it as a child and have watched it a great many times since. Believe I posted here somewhere that I used to go around the house singing, "I'm gonna move that toe, oh boy...I'm gonna move that toe!" One of Dan Dailey's best roles, I thought! Duke even forego wearing his hair piece in the latter part of the movie! Super movie in my book! KEITH

    I don't understand how this movie could be thrown in with the others he made around this time. a flop at the box office? i don't get it. this is one of his great ones!

    Well, Rin GO, This time, you are a man and remember, a REAL man can have emotions and yes, can even cry right out in the open! So, use your emotions and also, realize that this is a true story. When I saw this as a youngster, I would go around the house saying, "I'm gonna move that toe, oh boy, I'm gonna move that toe" in the singsongy voice they eventually got to. When the toe moved, I cried.....still do to this day. This is one fantastic story about a determined, unbelievably incredible man and the friendships he developed even outside of his service that went to great efforts to not only KEEP him in the service, but eventually get him his own command back on board a ship of war, (probably saying this Navy Mom would KILL me), although it was against just about every regulation there was. Ward Bond played who was meant to be Pappy Ford, and used all of Pappy's props. This man, Spig, went on to write screen plays for Pappy and other books.
    He also, after all that to get him aboard, had to leave because of.......well, 20 years, I wont tell will see. Cried there too, LOL.

    Give it a good shot RK, it is one Heck of a fine movie! And remember, it is basically true! Keith

    LOL, Arthur, One of my long term boyfriends was the youngest CPO in WWII. He told me that same thing, and he was largely responsible as a lot of CPOs were.....they were excellent scroungers and traders. If they loved their commanding officer, his mess shared in the booty...otherwise, the crew got it! Great stories Willy P. had, and they are all written down just awaiting a book. He also drove NYC Mayor Lindsay....some REALLY good ones there, LOL! Thanks, I will add this to Willy's will make a nice addition to backing up his story. Keith

    This is one of my favorite JW movies. The guy could ACT!!

    First time I saw it was so long ago, that I had forgotten Duke played Spig! And, I never even thought about Ward being in it......must not have recognized him.....amazing, LOL! This is one I watch a few times a year, at least! Love, the whole conglomeration of action, different happenings, etc. I still just HATE IT when Spig has the heart attack! Sure would liked for him to have gotten more real action after all it took to get him there. Seeing his old nemesis there to "send him off" made me cry more than I already was, LOL......WOMEN! KEITH