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    Sounds like a Great time was had by all. We all envy your exciting time.
    Could you give us an indication of how to get on the mailing list for next years event?

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    Wow! Who'd have thought to see such an article in the Wall Street Journal? A most enjoyable read; I had never made the connection between the music of Rio Bravo and The Alamo!

    Thanks, May!

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    I tried to watch it on AMC today. A commercial break every five to seven minutes. AMC was so much better a few years ago when it didn't run commercials. If Billy Mays yells at me one more time, I'm gonna snap.

    For a mere $ 8.80 one could avoid those commercials if you were to go here, and add to your collection.

    Chester :newyear:

    It turns out I do have an image of the poster for this film, but it was misnamed on the CD (listed under Rio Lobo, and I even inadvertently posted it in that thread, removing it after someone pointed out the error; but I never got around to posting it here . . . until now :wink_smile:).

    Rio Lobo-poster.jpg

    Wow, I'm surprised no one mentioned Walter "Stumpy" Brennan! He was absolutely my favorite character in this movie (besides the Duke, of course). :D

    Interesting plot, but a little threadbare, but all the actors worked together to create a good movie. I thought Ricky Nelson did OK, and I enjoyed him singing with Dean Martin.

    Deep Discount DVD has the movie for under $10, and 4 movie posters.

    Amazon has the movie, audio CDs, VHS, and the DVD as part of a boxed set (the John Wayne Signature Collection).

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