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    Wayne, as Sheriff John T. Chance, plays what he himself called "the John Wayne role." He even wears the same hat, now battered and torn, that he had worn in Westerns ever since John Ford’s "Stagecoach" (1939). Yet here he calls upon the role and his own history to bring nuance and depth to the character. Grumpy old Ford, seeing the film, told Hawks, "I never knew the big son of a bitch could act."

    I think the above statement is incorrect, I believe Ford made the statement after watching John Waynes towering performance in "Red River".


    Thanks for those additional photos. I am still not convinced about your theory because this is in my opinion a different glass as than the one the blood drips into.

    The gunman actually looks a bit like Alan Ladd and remember the film in which he shoots a bad guy from a loft.

    Incidentally how did you get hold of these interesting little photos from Rio Bravo?


    I disagree because the bar ran further back than photo three shows. The second point I would like to make is that in photo three we can't see the gun or glass on the bar indicating that it is more or less directly under the loft.

    Photo three is actually fascinating, even in the loft there are some saloon props such as the beer barrel which adds to the movie, It also interesting to see a photograph from height which adds a new dimension to this great scene.


    I'm not sure why this was done, I'm sure its got nothing to do with unseen deleted scenes that we have not viewed before, I only have the Vhs version of Rio Bravo and I'm pretty sure its uncut and runs to about approximately 136 minutes.

    Its a great shame that the deleted scenes from this movie and other John Wayne movies are lost never to be seen.

    Some footage deleted from this movie includes an additional shootout and Harry Carey Jnr attempting to enlist as one of Chances deputies.

    This is a great movie and represented a return to form for John Wayne after a string of box office flops.

    A number of scenes were cut from this movie including a shootout, Harry Carey jnr trying to enlist and some scenes with the stagecoach driver.

    Keith for your second post on this topic you have used a picture of John Wayne and Dean Martin from the movie 'The sons of Katie Elder'.