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    I saw that little tidbit, as well. But if you read the whole thing, it says that the film will be in theaters April Fool's Day, 2022. So, I'm wagering that it was meant as an April Fool's Joke. Please....please let it be an April Fool's joke!


    One of my favorite lines in the film comes from Michaeleen.


    "Is this a courtin', or a donnybrook? Have the good manners not to hit the man untill he's your husband. And entitled to hit ya back."

    I chuckle every time I hear that line.

    That would be so cool to be able to amble up to the bar and have a black beer at Cohan's. It would be just like stepping into the movie itself, if just for a brief second. Thanks for sharing that news, lenrehn. It's a crime I live on a different continent, as I would love to see it in person.


    I think Tbone is talking about the scene where Mary Kate talks to Father Lonergan by the stream while he is fishing. She wants to tell him about the troubles she is having with Sean but feels more comfortable speaking in Gaelic. Like Tbone, I myself have wondered what the translation would be to what she tells him. Any of our members from across the sea who speak or understand Gaelic care to translate, if possible?


    Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures, Chester. I wish I could have seen that movie on the big screen amoung other fans. Looking at the pic of you and your wife, it is exactly the proportion of size difference between my wife and I. What is it about us large men that prefer the tiny ones? :blink: Maybe 'cause they can't wallop us as hard :D Hee hee.

    Love the outfit there, Pilgrim.