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    On the internet wih a google search found a forum called, The Fedora Lounge > Apparel > Hats > The Quiet Man's cap, was a post back in '09, by a Brad Bowers, where he said,

    "Some historical background:

    Wayne's cap was a Cavanagh, bought from the shop on Park Avenue. John Cavanagh was reportedly pleased that Wayne was observed to take good care of his cap during the film.

    I've never found out if his other hats in the film were Cavanagh, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    You could always buy one of the new Cavanagh caps. Not screen accurate, but the thread of history is there".

    I've gone to Cavanagh's web site, and others, but haven't found a similar fabric yet.

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    Flat cap, Dai cap, Golf cap, Ivy cap, Scally cap, "Grandpa Harrity cap" or, in Scotland, Bunnet.

    Attached....pic of Wayne with cap, then the same cap sold at a john Wayne Memorabilia Auction a couple of months ago....

    Any idea how much that cap sold for at auction? Quite a bit, I'd imagine.

    Thanks, Marty, for those pics!

    I have had the same feeling, that as we grow older and experience more in life, movies take on a much different meaning to us. I've gotten to where I can't say that any particular movie of John Wayne's is #1; I could put four or five that I like the most and put them in a hat and pick one, and be just as happy with the choice, and watch it.

    Regarding the need for the movie to be restored - usually, at the annual birthday celebration hosted by the John Wayne Birthplace, one of the 'gifts' that comes with the dinner ticket is a DVD of the movie being honored for that weekend, but this time there was not, and it's because it wasn't available from the studio in large quantity, and everyone is hoping it might be because it is being restored/remastered for release later this year.

    In prowling around to find information about the new movie being made in Ireland, I stumbled across the Quiet Man Movie Club. On their site (the tab entitled "Latest News", they had an interesting tale about how the old railroad (and station) that was used during TQM was being refurbished to be used again for the tourist industry.

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    Is there a possibility that a few of our UK members (I think we have close to a dozen active members) might be meeting there for the grand opening? If so, PLEASE take a picture for the rest of us. Wish I could be there, to raise a pint to Duke!

    Thanks, lenrehn, for letting us know about this.

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    From a cost standpoint, is it reasonable to go on holiday in Ireland? Is the travel time short enough? Is it something your whole family would enjoy?

    For me, I'm in the same country as the Alamo, but 3-4 days drive away, or plane fare for the whole family to see someplace that might not hold the same interest for all in the group (like a trip to Hawaii would, or a trip to NY to visit the wife's family).

    Needless to say, there are many things in our country that I have not seen, that I would like to. Nothing that winning the lottery wouldn't cure :teeth_smile:!

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    I realize this is old news (pre-JWMB), but I found it interesting because of the John Wayne connection -


    Brosnan To Marry In "Quiet Man" Church
    10 July 2001 (WENN)
    James Bond star Pierce Brosnan is to marry fiancee Keely Shaye Smith in an Irish church that featured in the 1951 John Wayne movie "The Quiet Man". The Roman Catholic ceremony will take place next month at St Mary's Church in Cong, in western Ireland. The reception will then be held in the grounds of the exclusive Ashford Castle Hotel. Widower Brosnan, 49, twice postponed the wedding last year after his teenage son Sean suffered spinal injuries in a traffic accident. The Goldeneye star has also reportedly signed a six-figure deal with British magazine Hello! for the photographic rights to the wedding.

    A 17 page thread about "The Quiet Man"? :hyper: "The JWMB has become another word for heaven to me."

    Something I've always wondered about: just before the big fight Danaher and the boys are bringing in the hay. But what is that contraption with the fire inside? And why would they want a fire at all? What could they possibly be burning in a meadow full of dry hay? :huh:

    WELCOME to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind on the 'net!

    One great thing about this place is there is almost always someone who has the answer to anyone's questions! A more knowledgeable, friendly bunch you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere.

    Don't be a stranger, Seaneen! We look forward to seeing you again - soon!

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    I have not seen too many people posting in this thread actually say how they would rate this movie.

    I can tell you that every year, when Hondo does the Top 25 John Wayne Movies survey, The Quiet Man has always been in the top 10, and probably the top 3 or 5, every year, if that's any indication how folks rate it.

    Personally, I would give it a 10 out of 10.

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    The subject of endless speculation, according to O'Hara only Wayne, Ford and herself know what she whispered. Ford and Wayne are both deceased, and O'Hara says she's not telling."

    I would like to know what line Mary Kate whispered to Sean.


    You are in GOOD company, but I am afraid none of us will ever know. Maureen O'Hara, in her autobiography 'Tis Herself, says the secret will die with her. She'll never tell.

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    As I've mentioned elsewhere, occasionally some of the Film Facts duplicate information Keith has shared earlier in the thread. I have found new information in each set of Film Facts I've posted so far, though.

    Thanks to Clive Woollands for allowing me to share his Film Facts here at the JWMB!

    Here We go then, another Film Fact, this time from one of my very favourites, The Quiet Man.

    Producers: Merian C. Cooper, G.B. Forbes, John Ford, L.T. Rossa.
    Screenplay: Frank S. Nugent (Original story by Maurice Walsh).
    Cinematographer: Winton C. Hoch. Art Director: Frank Hotaling.
    Composer: Victor Young. Editor: Jack Murray. Distribution: Republic
    Pictures Corporation. Location: County Mayo, Ireland. Cost of
    production: $1.75 million. Box office takings (US): $3,800,000. Date
    of production: 1951.

    The Quiet man was nominated for 7 Oscars. It eventually took home 2 Academy Awards; Best Cinematography for Winton C. Hoch and John Ford's 4th (and last) best director award.

    Herbert Yates insisted that the film run no more than 120 minutes, but Ford's cut clocked in at 129 minutes. He screened his cut for Republic Pictures executives; they were enjoying it hugely and just getting ready for the big final fight to start when Ford stopped the film bang on 120 minutes. Ford turned to Yates: "I couldn't figure out how to cut 9 minutes without ruining it, so I figured, what the hell? Why knock myself out? I just cut out the fight and got it down to 120 minutes". Yates got the point. The movie was released as 129 minutes.

    The original opening had Sean Thornton chatting to a woman and achild on the train, with the child giving Sean an apple. The scene was cut, but in the finished version Sean is still holding the apple when he gets off the train.

    Wayne gives a great performance, but he didn't find it easy. "For nine weeks I was playing straight man to those wonderful characters," he said, "And that's really hard. Wayne's 4 children came with him to Ireland for the shoot. They make an appearance in the finished film. They're the children sitting on the cart with Mary Kate Danaher as she watches the horse race.