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    As long as we're talking about Ward Bond...does anyone know if any of the footage still exists of Father Lonaghin's conversation with Michelien Flynn that was cut from very early in The Quiet Man. I know teh scene was cut because it was a discussion of the Padre's gambling debts but I wondered if anyone had ever seen it or at least the script for dialogue.

    Batjac, this was posted in our thread
    The Quiet Man

    I can't wait for this one. The DVD is such poor quality!
    I will be wearing my big newsboy cap in honour when I watch it.
    Ethankeith, is all this being re-posted on the Olive Films thread too? It should be!

    Peter, probably not,
    but I will copy it over there

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    Ethanedwards- thank you for the videos they are beautiful with pleasant memories and
    the Music enhances the mood. Where can I get a copy of that music?
    I have a desire to go back to Ireland sometime and go to Cong.

    Although off topic, there is more information on the score here:-
    The Quiet Man Music
    and there is a CD available, but is is not the original sound track
    However as it is by performed by the Dublin Screen Orchestra,
    it is probably as good as it gets.
    Music from The Quiet Man


    Young conducted excerpts from the score for a 10" LP issued at the time of the film's release, but this 1995 recording by the newly formed Dublin Screen Orchestra under the direction of Kenneth Alwyn is the "first complete recording," as a banner on the cover proclaims. Along with Young's music, it contains vocal performances of "The Isle of Innisfree," "The Wild Colonial Boy," and "Galway Bay," songs performed in the film. The result is a long-overdue treatment of one of Young's best scores. ~ William Ruhlmann

    Also see:-
    Composers Of The Saddle- Victor Young

    Featured in the Kerry Film Festival

    Dreaming the Quiet Man

    There are cinematic milestones that have left a marked impression on the landscapes in which they were filmed. John Ford's take on his idealized vision of Ireland, 'The Quiet Man', is one such film. When it was released 'The Quiet Man' became a monster hit all across the world and won Oscars for Best Director and Best Cinematography. Its impact went way beyond the Irish Diaspora and it still resonates with international audiences almost 60 years later. This documentary delves into the psyche of John Ford and his twenty year struggle to bring his homage to his parent’s homeland to the screen. The film features contributions from commentators and film makers including Peter Bogdanovich, Martin Scorsese, Jim Sheridan and, exclusively, Maureen O' Hara

    Further to the above translation,
    Johanna added this:-


    At the opening of The Quiet Man Festival in Cong on Friday evening,
    you'll be interested to know that Maureen O'Hara recounted this scene
    we were discussing the(Irish dialogue in the film) word for word,
    the scene where she has to tell the priest her husband slept
    in a “mála codlata”, a sleeping bag, on the night of their wedding etc.
    Amazing...she remembered every word of it!


    I was delighted to hear her speaking Irish & amazed
    she remembered every word...talented lady!

    I was thinking about my favorite movie last night and wondering if anyone ever came up with a translation for the Gaelic dialogue in the movie.

    I'm particularly interested in the conversation between Mary Kate and Fr. Lonergan.

    Would any of our friends over in Ireland be able to translate it?

    This question was asked sometime ago,
    and to my knowledge never fully answered
    Now with thanks to Johanna Ní Mháille
    of Save The Quiet Man Cottage
    We have a full translation:-

    Apparently Johanna also read this


    If you want to talk to a priest, it is better to talk to him in Gaelic.
    It's the only language that god can not understand.


    Here's one post mentioning this:-

    Hi Tbone,

    I believe this has already been discussed in this thread.
    We have a member called lenrehn,
    whi is very knowledgable on all matters relating to this film.
    If you care to check his posts, I think he's mentioned it.