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    Maybe that was same Indian who was saying that the white man is talking with two sounds? Or as we have translated it here, “split tongue.” I think sometimes that is very strange what I can read in some websites and I have read that sites you have taken your quotations from too. There is it written that were problem with theirs hotel rooms living and in the book could I read something else. I will give you a short quotation from that book In the Footsteps of TQM.
    “The last shot were taken about 11 a.m. on 14 July, yet Ashford Castle had been booked for three months from 1 June till 21 August and the telephone service booked with the Department of Post and Telegraphs for the same time.”

    Keith, I am sorry but if you have some interest about publishing right things about one of the world most wonderful movies should you read in the book In The Footsteps Of The Quiet Man by Gerry McNee. There can you read John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara and the rest of actors were arriving to Cong June 5 and that first shooting was June 6. That last shoot was filmed 11 o’clock am July 14. That is 6 weeks not 2 or 4. All that is also confirmed by Maureen O’Hara and she’s webmaster June Parker Beck. I can also tell that the fighting scene toke 4 days to record.
    About Pat Cohan Bar can I tell you all the bar is on way to be rebuilt to that bar it was in the movie? That work should have been finished in September this year but so is it not.

    It’s my pleasure. That movie is my absolute favorite and in five to seven years have I made so big research I could about just that grandiose movie and even trying to learn English with the film as a textbooks and teaching aids. In my interest is even all that who was happen in Ireland in shooting time and all that locale places they where using.

    I got this answer from June Parker Beck but nothing from The Quit Man Movie Club and I guess there not will be some answer too. June’s answer had other great news so I like to put in it here.
    Len - Since my last post I did speak with Ms. O'Hara and she confirms it was a bible or prayer book in keeping with the mission/duty of the Priest, Father Paul. I didn't realize that Mr. MacHale published otherwise. It is interesting to note that this was one of few interiors that were actually shot in Ireland. They found an old empty house in Cong and used that.

    Hi Keith
    I have spread out your question to Mohara Forum and The Quiet Man Movie Club and maybe there is someone who has a replay to that. But I don’t really know. I has not more to tell you about it just now.

    The name on the book can’t I and probability not other now living person tells to you. That only I could find out in Professor Des MacHales book is that Father Paul were reading from a bloodthirsty Celtic saga. I think that is so close you can go just now. That book is not named in some books and Maureen O’Haras webmaster June Parker Beck was telling she had not a clue about it. If that book had been mentioned so should she know what book it was?

    About those horses in the film can i only say they were trained by a man named John Daly which I also could read in same book. All I can do is to guess the breed on that horses and there is a breed named Connemara Pony’s which have their origin from horses who was shimmying in to land from a Spanish armada in the time the Queen Elizabeth the I were ruler in England. There is lot of sites about Connemara Pony’s on the internet. I had fault in one thing earlier and that was that when I were telling that breed is only in west Ireland, that was very fault when they are even on many places here in Europe including Sweden. So the gist had been that they maybe were by that breed Connemara Pony’s.

    In Professor Des MacHale’s fantastic book “The Complete Guide To The Quiet Man” could you read this about Father Paul’s reading from a book.
    “We now switch to the interior of Dan Tobin’s cottage which is a studio scene. The gaffer himself is meant to be a deathbed, slowly expiring, though from the frontal camera angle he looks pretty healthy. By his bedside Father Paul is reading, not from the prayers for the dying as was originally intended but from a bloodthirsty Celtic saga. In the little bedroom are several shawled crying quietly and in particular there is Dan Tobin’s daughter played by Mimi Doyle.

    Here comes one other wonderful speak from Mr speaker himself.
    Those were the bad days. Sean with a face as dark as the black hunter he rode. A fine, ill-tempered pair they were. It was only a matter of time before one or the other broke his neck. We knew things couldn’t go on this way. So, we formed a little conspiracy. The Reverend Mr and Mrs Playfair, Michaeleen Oge and, saints forgive us, myself. And on the day of the Inisfree Races, we sprung the trap on Red Will Danaher.

    The graveyard scene was one of the most famous film love scene in film history and John Ford was description that scene as that most sexually scene in all time. But John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara was description that as a really soaker.
    I saw have The Quiet Man in VHS.

    This date the June 6 is a memorable date for us who is The Quiet Man maniacs. It was in that date the first movie shooting been made and it was that date the film had World Premier in Adelphi Cinema in Dublin.

    I believe that horse is what they will call them in Ireland, Connemara pony. That horse type is only exciting in Ireland. There is one internet site who is telling us about that book Father Paul Lonergan is reading from, but I can’t remember whish, I am sorry for that. You can search under name “The Quiet Man (1952) in the net, but look up for virus!

    Hi all!
    There is something in the scripts in this side I will give my comment on. The owner to White O’Morn is leaving in Santa Ana Califonia. That was never a spanking scene in TQM. The stick was for that we all could see in the movie, Mary Kate Danaher should go nice and quiet beside of Sean Thornton. The stick had a psychological effect. The Inisfree (You shall spell it so) toke four days to shoot. The whole ensemble was arriving to Ireland June the 5 and left Ireland July the 17. The cast room in Ashford Castle was rent to August the 3 and there was no room problem for the American crew. I think much of that who is written before in this site is coming from IMDb and there are many wrong things for two years ago was they telling about four days in Ireland, so they are on right way.
    When I was watching on The Quiet Man in yesterday could I see Duke say “Thanks” and his lips was moving little.

    In 1999 could I read in a Newspaper that three American Favorite movies was: Gone With The Wind, Casablanca and The Quiet Man. And it was in that order.

    I have always told to people that The Quiet Man is the most grateful movies in the World in all that categories. And those memorable quotes you have write showing us that. That film has all that humour and excitement you are needing.

    I have some information about the railway between Tuam and Athenry who is under restoring. The railway station Ballyglunin (Castletown in the movie) is even that under restoring and all will be reopened in the ending of this year. Pat Cohan bar is under re building and will serve that first bear under this year, but there are some difficult when The Quiet Man Movie Club have talking about 2005 but one other site tells about 2006. I hope that will happen in June or July 2006.