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    Hallo again
    The Quiet Man is my absolute favorite movie and I have search after all fact I could find about that lovely movie. And that is very much. I have that motion picture in both Region 1 and 2 DVD versions and even an old video from 1987. All things I am doing have something with TQM to do. And that is even so that movie has taught me that little English i can to day. And that is not so much as i have desire.
    Tack så mycket.

    Hello everybody
    I am a new member from Sweden who is a big The Quiet Man Maniac who are very interested of all things about that movie including all places there they made that movie in Ireland. I saw in etandward’s Trivia for The Quiet Man, that was written they only spent two weeks in Ireland. I am sorry but that is not that true I known. They arrived Ireland June 5, and begin work the June 6. They was working further in Ireland and took the last scene 11,00 am the July14. They were going back to United States July 17. All that and much more can you read in the book “In the Footsteps of The Quiet Man” by Gerry McNee and Professor Des MacHales two books.