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    John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara choreographed the entire sequence of events which involved Dukes character dragging Mary Kate from the train station to her brothers farm. John Ford never said anything about this scene, but he must have liked it as he kept it in the film.


    But that doesn't make sense to say that She is the best man ! Watch how Mrs. Playfair looks at her when she says the line, like she knows that Mildred said the wrong word.


    You have misunderstood the scene, Mildred was imitating the Squire and Mrs Playfair was looking at her with that expression secretly knowing that despite her protests at the wedding she fancied the Squire.


    Mr Playfair and his wife left the village along with the Bishop and they were the only visible protestants portrayed in the movie, the cheers were for the Playfairs not the bishop.


    I don't quite agree with your post Emmanuel

    In essence the Quiet Man is a catholic movie, its set in the Republic of Ireland, all characters are catholic except the bishop and the Playfairs, it centres around Irish themes and the IRA are in existance and made out to be quite likeable. Some protestants find it a little hard to see that by the end of the movie all protestants have left the village leaving it now exclusively catholic, TQM as a movie is however not anti protestant.

    I have also read via many sources how money made from the Quiet man financed the IRA, I think one source may have been the JW film society based in England.


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    Stumpy if you told me that movie was your favourite I would have to start a new topic asking for the removal of Stumpys membership. :D


    That is a good question which you asked and the answer is not a nice as it should be. Obviously many of you will be aware that in NI there is a divide between Protestants and Catholics. The Quiet man would be regarded as a Catholic movie but there are many protestants in NI who love it. The problem many protestants would have is a genuine a significant amount of the money made from the sales of the movies went straight to the IRA which John Ford sympathised. I think this turned a lot of people off the movie and generally made them hate it.

    There are of course SOME people who may have taken offence to the beer swilling Irishmen and that messageboard provided via the link would be very Politically correct so that is why there are some negative responses.

    Mike everybody without exception whom I have ever spoken to know of John Wayne and about 75% of those people would greatly enjoy his movies so I don't think there is a problem with John Wayne in NI, I would even go so far as to say he may be the most popular actor among people in NI.

    Chester I am interested to know what my familiar style is, I noticed on the board there were a few people called Roger so by calling myself Roger on this thread would have blended me in better.

    I hope this post helps you all understand TQM from an NI perspective.

    Lol nothing gets by you Mike.

    I didn't fancy using my real name on what appears to be an angry and volatile messageboard, I think Davros simply disliked the movie for political reasons which I found disappointing.


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    Hit the second link on my original post and you should be brought up the relevant page.

    Where it states choose movie hit the little side arrow and it will bring up a long list simply scroll down that list and hit the quiet man, then just fill in the other details on the page and hit the submit entry at the bottom of the page.

    The first link I supplied is a messageboard where people talk about their favourite Irish movie.



    It sounds like you may be confused with Mcclintock but we will see what Hondo uncovers from his feedback from Maureen O'hara it would be very interesting if it was true but i don't think it is.


    Chester most deleted scenes are cut out becasue they are awful this is true of modern movies but in Dukes case they were cut out becuase of the films running time. The sixth sense has some great scenes that were eventually deleted much to the dismay of the director. Roland has been a great help informing us of what has been deleted from Duke movies which is a good start so that we know what to look for. The next big problem is where to look anyone got any suggestions? :(



    Thanks for taking the time to input that little piece of dialogue. However I feel it was a good decision to cut this scene as the way it is on the movie now is perfect although it would make a nice extra. Of course however if I seen the scene I may be tempted to want it put into the film if it is really good. But in my opinion "The Quiet Man" is one of those rare magical movies that should not be touched.


    Does anyone know of an email address that can be used to contact Maureen O'hara because this is something that I want to find out. However I am not going to get over-excited at this moment in time as inaccurate information was given before regarding "The Greatest Story Ever Told" but I read a few reviews of on "The Quiet Man" in IMDB and one person mentioned Duke hitting Maureen and it wasnt put in the context of a simple kick on the behind. So I am currently passively interested.