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    Kirk Douglas mentioned in his autobiography how terrible he felt the battle sequences were. I guess they were spending so much on the stars (Wayne, Douglas, Neal, ect.) that the special effects budget suffered accordingly.

    That is the shame. It is a very good movie let down at the very end by a totally fake battle sequence that should be in some B movie.

    does anyone know why this was filmed in black and white - didn t spoil my enjoyment of the film but as it was made in 1965 was there a particular reason for this?

    More than likely to save money and to make use of actual war footage. Also Otto's toy boat sequence aka battle sequence would have looked worse if that is possible in colour.

    Just like you Mike I used to avoid buying and watching this film,one day I found it very cheap at the Mediamarkt in Antwerp and watched it that same night and I was so surprised at how good this was.I have watched it several times since then.I also was surprised at how fast the time went watching this one.I have always loved Duke and Maureen.And also Duke and I have to be honest to say that Patricia makes the top 3 for me.Also loved her in Operation Pacific.But when I first saw her in In Harm's Way and heard her talk I kept wondering if she was related to Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek:Voyager fame.Same voice!

    The scene where they are supposed to spent the night together was so sensual.You don't see anything and yet...very well done that's what I say!

    Now you mention it there is a strong resemblance vocally to Kate Mulgrew. In regards to missing this film it doesnt tend to get much air time. I remember it being shown as a two parter on two nights at some late hour. The running time at nearly two and half hours does seem to fly and the storyline never flags like some other long movies.

    Glad I set DVD recorder now and am glad I have it in my collection.


    Watched this for the first time. I know where have I been!

    I wasnt expecting much and maybe that is why I have avoided for so long.

    Well I was pleasantly surprised. Very Good movie. I know the Japanese boat sequence is a little weak but I can make allowances. Considering it was quite a long movie it seem to go very fast.

    An enjoyable experience and I am sure I will return to watch again.