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    Hey, Mark! That paperback is showing its age. When was the last time anyone saw a paperback selling for 75 cents. (I've got a lot of SF paperbacks from that era).
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    One aspect that did disappoint me regarding this movie was Dukes lack of recognition to the death of both dog and Sam Sharpnose.

    I have to agree. Robbie. The ending just seemed to be thrown in for a finish. No regard or remorse was indicated. And like a lot of folks here, I feel there should have been a final scene with Maureen. Nonetheless I feel "Big Jake" is one of Duke's better efforts in his later years.
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    Aye, there's the rub - does the footage of any of these missing scenes still exist?
    The older the movie, it is less likely that any of these are still around. Look at "The Alamo." It is only through the most fortuitous of circumstances that there is an uncut version (the original roadshow version) available. I'm sure a number of the Duke's movies had scenes wind up on the cutting room floor, but it is extremely rare that any of these have shown up.
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