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    Thank you Keith, and am happy to share what I have to improve any war movie thread ;-))

    Also, how do you get nominated? Id like to do so to you for the posting of these stills and the others.

    Take care--Carl.

    This movie is one of my earliest memories of movies and of John Wayne. Over the years and consertively speaking, I have seen this film at least 80 times being seconded by The Green Berets. I might add that I "broke in" my portable DvD player with The Longest Day playing on it as I sat eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. People at the table next to me were also watching and commenting on the movie (positive comments of course ;-))

    This is another of my all-time most favorite movies. The cast cannot be beat and I (upon learning it here) do wish that Charlton Heston had made it into the movie but in another role. I can't imagine John Wayne NOT being in this fine movie.

    A bit more trivia for you.

    General Norman D. Cota was the C.G. of the "Keystone" Division nicknamed: The Bloody Bucket Division." They were to get this name because of losing so many men in the Battle of the Huertgen Forest-which took place later in 1944-to early 1945.

    Also on Cota: This General was known as "The G.I. General" because he rose up through the ranks from Buck Private to his current position as General.


    A good friend of mine who lives in Washington owns a complete Corporals uniform to a soldier who fought with Richard Todd. This man was one a a VERY few who came through that fight uninjured. Sadly, this man passed away last year. :-((