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    Was trying to find a common image from the movie to see if there was one on the net that was like mine but--nope. Anyway, description coming. It showe Duke and his Chinese Crew Chief next to his "Tiger" and the chief is pointing out the Jap bulletholes in Dukes Fusilage. Cant find the image so this one will do:

    I have seen this movie a number of times since I was a yonker. I think I have seen this one probably about 15-20 times. I always did like this movie. For one, I thought it was well made through and through and enjoyed all the action in it.

    I have a production still, of a picture depicting the Chinese Chief Mechanic, pointing out the bullet holes to Duke.

    And maybe this is interesting to any who care but, back in Feb of 02, I met a Flying Tiger, and got a signed photo of him. This Flying Tiger, was David Lee "Tex" Hill, who had also commanded one of three, Flying Tiger squadrons. This photo has him with three other Tigers including Dick Rossi. The squadrons were given names.

    Not necessarily in order, the squadron names were:

    The Panda Bears & The Adams and Eves. I forgot the name of the other squadron.