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    I thought y'all might find this recent reference in the news, to John Wayne, interesting.

    It was also a sneaky way to bring this thread back to the top, for anyone who might not have had opportunity to check it out. Plenty of information and discussion in this, and all the movie threads that Keith has tirelessly and diligently done. If you haven't read this one from the beginning, I recommend it!

    When Duke is in his office, they have a backdrop of the window, and the highway beyond!! It is so dreadful, as a model treadmill, all the cars go past the window at the same speed! A red station waggon goes past the window, 15-17 times!!

    In the first post it clarifies this,
    that it was simple special effects!

    Just another reason why Hellfighter's is near the bottom on my list of favorite Duke films.

    Chester :newyear:

    Duke's Duchess,

    Any time you watch a Duke movie, you should definitely feel free to post in the dedicated thread with your thoughts on the movie! That's a great way to bring a thread back to the top.

    Mrs. C concurs with your thoughts on Jim Hutton - she has always enjoyed him as well. As to the movie Hellfighters, it's not one I watch too often, but maybe it's time to 'dust it off' and watch it again.

    Chester :newyear:

    I hope you will keep us updated on this work. Our European members especially look forward to the release, I'm sure.

    Chester :newyear:

    Here is another Film Facts entry from Clive Woolands (see this post for more information) -

    Howdy folks, its time for another film fact, this time it is from

    Producer: Robert Arthur, Screenplay: Clair Huffaker, Cinematographer:
    William H. Clothier, Art Directors: Frank Arrigo, Alexander Golitzen,
    Editor: Folmar Blangsted, Distribution: Universal Pictures,
    Locations: Texas, Wyoming
    Box office takings (US): $3.481 million,
    Date of Production: 1968.

    Katherine Ross and Vera Miles worked together again 15 years later in a made for TV movie called Travis McGee (1983), about a jaded private
    eye. It was also directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.
    Houston born actor Randy Quaid claims that as a high school kid, he rang up John Wayne's hotel during the shoot of Hellfighters and impersonated the actor. "I said, `This is John Wayne. Got any messages for me?'" he said. "And they gave me his messages. That gave me a lot of confidence, and I started performing."
    Jim Hutton, who died aged just 45 in 1979, is the father of actor Timothy Hutton. When he received his best supporting actor Oscar for Ordinary People at the 1981 Academy Awards, Timothy Hutton dedicated it to his father.
    The distinctive, jaunty score for Hellfighters was composed by Leonard Rosenman. The John Wayne film came midway through a career that peaked in the 1970's with back-to-back Academy Awards for Barry Lyndon (1975) and Bound For Glory (1976).

    Gotta chime in on this one -

    Personally, I have never liked this movie, mostly because of the Katherine Ross character. Whiny, petulant, YUCK!

    For all the times the movie was started, I never made it to the end of the movie until the last time (which was a couple of years ago). The latter part of the movie was kind of interesting, not enough to redeem the whole thing, but surprisingly decent.

    JOHNWAYNEABE, don't take it so seriously. Surely you've heard the phrase "Different strokes for different folks," right? That's what makes the world go around, and that means there are movies that you like and movies that I like, and we can both be happy, even if we think there are some stinkers out there :rolleyes: .

    Mrs. C :angel1: