Posts from Danny Wilde in thread „Hellfighters (1969)“

    I like this movie. I like Hutton in it and was pleased to see him teamed up with John Wayne again. The BBC are currently repeating Hutton's TV series Ellery Queen by the way. The action scenes were well shot and I thought the atmosphere in the movie was pleasant.

    I particularly liked this movie. The length is fine because there is room to build the characters of the movie and the fire scenes are impressive. I own the Region 1 DVD that has some production notes but strangely enough the trailer that is announced on the back cover of the DVD is not included.
    There was a short piece on the making of the movie in a Dutch magazine of that time that had a picture of John Wayne drving in a special terrain buggy on the set, the particular vehicle is not even in the movie. I too think Katherine Ross was good in her part, and Jim Hutton is believable as co-star.