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    Hmm, my last post must not have gone through. Of course negative things are always appreciated as they start conversations instead of just reading about what the net says. And you got one heck of one going, LOL. Just hope Peter likes the MOVIE when he gets it!
    I liked all the characters and enjoyed their interactions. All in all, the movie was most pleasant to me and very exciting. Sorry that you found it so awful. However there are a great many out there for you to enjoy, so not to worry. Keith2

    Well the folks who made the movie, obviously didn't use much intelligence when they shot those joke scenes!!

    Perhaps you should focus on the entire movie and the scenes that count, like the fire fighting ones instead of some silly background cars. As we know, all movies have mistakes in them. This happens to be a very highly regarded film. Guess the people who rate them were more interested in what the movie was about. HAH, when I posted that the info man must have really known what he was doing, I had forgotten it was Red Adair....THE expert and the movie was loosely based on his life. Way to go Peter. Will be a real shame if you finally get to watch it and don't like it, LOL! Keith

    Great movie, ha ha!! they couldn't even have a
    location shot from the window,
    just an endless conveyer belt of the same
    plastic cars on and on and on.... yuk!!

    You are of course most welcome to your opinion Keither. Don't think you should phrase it in such a way as to try to make others look a little less intelligent than they are, LOL!
    Some of us really enjoyed this movie. Kind of like Pappy putting the same Monument Valley scenes miles from where they were before. We won't even talk about N to A. OK, it wasn't an Oscar winner, just an enjoyable, exciting at times movie. The guys I knew said they really DID put out oil well fires in the way they did it. At least they must have had a really good info man. If guys that do this for a living like it....must be something about it that is right. Anyway, have a nice night, Keith2

    FanTAStic cover Peter. Much better than the old ones. Read way on down this thread. Lots of folks don't like this movie at all. But, I found two who did beside me. I said when you got back, I thought you might be one of the ones who liked it because we USUALLY agreed. So, what is your take on this. Make sure to read on back to see why others didn't like it and why I did. Sure reminds me of those guys, and of Gibbons who once got cement shipped out of country when no one else could with one little 5 minute phone call, LOL! Keith

    Not sure if this has been posted on here yet but Hellfighters is out on blu ray on region 2!
    I quite like the cover.

    Well, Keith, you and the others except for ND seem to agree. But, as for me, I love Hellfighters and will watch it whenever I get the chance. Think it is a cracerjack film, LOL! Might have a little to do with the fact that I knew a crew who did that kind of thing. They weren't famous worldwide, but they still put the dang things out. By the way, the reason they liked the movie was because they could take girls to see it and tell them that is what they did for a living, LOL! Keith2

    This has been showing on one of the Encore channels. I've watched it several times. I like the movie. I liked it better than Hatari.

    Oh, Hello there ND. Sorry, I missed you completely. Hope we didn't scare you off.....we didn't even welcome you, etc. So, please accept my apologies. I loved the movie as you did. You said you liked it better than Hatari. We are now having a monthly GROUP WATCH on Hatari. PLEASE join us there. We are giving away prizes, (just my sketches so far), and we would love to have some discussion about the movie instead of just questions and answers. We would love to have you join us:

    Hago, KEITH2

    OK Bill, so why is he not missing much? Asked Mark the same thing. Maybe this is a male/female thing? I should get Peridot and Paula in here and see what they thought. Maybe I am a nut........Oh shoot, we already knew that, didn't we? That didn't help a bit. But then, sometimes, Peter and I like movies that others are not too fond of so, maybe he will still like, WHAT Oh Peter DOOLEY? LOL. Is it a bust of was it exciting and fun. One of the parts I guess I identified with was their ability to get things done around the world with just a phone call. That was the way living with Gibbons was like. Well, yall can all send your copies to me if you would like, LOL! KEITH

    Just curious Mark, what is it about it that doesn't "turn" you on? I thought it was exciting, liked the characters and actors, and of course, if Duke gets hurt, I always pretend that I am looking after him, LOL! Keith

    Unbelievably this one has remained unwatched out of my Duke DVDs.
    I must give it a go. The soundtrack is quite cool, that's all I know!

    Oh, I LOVE this movie. Saw it when it first came out. It didn't fair well with the critics I don't think, but I think the Duke fans really like it. Just saw it not long ago. Hope you like it too! Keith