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    a good movie but rod taylor was as good as john wayne.taylor was a very underratted actor.i 6/10

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    Thanks for your post, but to compare Rod Taylor,
    to Duke, is not even worth considering.
    Rod Taylor in my opinion is a good actor,
    but no where in the same league as Duke!!

    The Train Robbers is a 1973 Western film starring John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Rod Taylor and Ben Johnson.
    The movie was written and directed by Burt Kennedy.
    Rod Taylor is billed above the title with John Wayne and Ann-Margret
    but has a relatively small role.[1]

    Not a bad film, but not a great film.
    Probably one of Duke's weakest, late films.
    They at least had got the point and moved him on
    from having young, love interests.
    Ann-Margaret, was really just window dressing,
    but Chuck Hayward and Duke sorted out her fear of horses.
    but Ben, and Rod Taylor acquitted themselves well.
    However I thought the film, anything but mediocre.

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    Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


    Plot Summary
    A gunhand named Lane is hired by a widow, Mrs. Lowe,
    to find gold stolen by her husband so that she may return it and start fresh.

    Full Cast
    John Wayne ... Lane
    Ann-Margret ... Mrs. Lowe
    Rod Taylor ... Grady
    Ben Johnson ... Jesse
    Christopher George ... Calhoun
    Bobby Vinton ... Ben Young
    Jerry Gatlin ... Sam Turner
    Ricardo Montalban ... The Pinkerton man

    Writing Credits
    Burt Kennedy

    Original Music
    Dominic Frontiere

    William H. Clothier

    Cliff Lyons .... stunt coordinator
    Denny Arnold .... stunts (uncredited)
    Jim Burk .... stunts (uncredited)
    Louie Elias .... stunts (uncredited)
    Glory Fioramonti .... stunts (uncredited)
    Chuck Hayward .... stunts (uncredited)
    Terry Leonard .... stunts (uncredited)
    Chuck Roberson .... stunts (uncredited)
    'Chema' Hernandez .... head wrangler (uncredited)

    * John Wayne's and Ann-Margret's character names, "Lane" and "Mrs. Lowe," are the same as Wayne's and Geraldine Page's characters' names in Hondo (1953).

    * Crew or equipment visible: As the gang is searching for a sand-covered railroad track in a sand storm they have yet to find anything. Yet behind them, to the right of the picture, as the camera moves to the right slightly, we get a clear view of the camera dolly track, shiny and sand-free.

    * Factual errors: During the era depicted, the price of gold in US dollars was fixed at $20.67 per troy ounce. $500,000 worth of gold would therefore weigh about 750 kg or 1,660 pounds avoirdupois - far too much for one man to shift or for one mule to carry, as depicted in different scenes.

    * Anachronisms: During the shootout at the abandoned railroad crash site, when John Wayne is talking to Ann Margret, tire tracks can be clearly seen in the sand.

    * Revealing mistakes: In the opening scene of the movie when they show you the town from a distance on a windy day, dust is only blowing from behind the buildings, and not on the roads and open areas, indicating hidden wind machines.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Location
    Durango, Mexico

    Watch this Clip (Spanish)