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    Hi Senta

    Pilar Wayne's description of a lot of the westerns made by John Wayne in the 1960s and 70s was as Family movies. This was because many of the cast /technical crew/ support staff had acted in previous JW films. They also tended to be shot in and around Durango. To a lesser extent the storylines in some of the movies were repeated. Pilar would have beeen aware of this as she was on location with children for some of these shoots.

    Also, because Batjac company was a small company they tend to recruit tried and test staff who they knew could perform and were within their costings.

    On screening JW movies at his home cinema a game played by Wayne family was to identify how many familar faces/names they could see in films and credits.


    Its what Pilar would have called a Batjac family movie. It is not a classic but not bad. Worth an occasional viewing as with Cahill Hondo and Mc Lintock are part of a set that dont seem to get the same exposure as others.