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    I was a big fan of George Plimpton, the writer, so I couldn't wait for Rio Lobo to come out with him and his small part. I always enjoy the movie but never considered it on a par with El Dorado or Rio Bravo. El Dorado is still just a bit ahead of Rio Bravo to me, but probably only because I knew Tony the specialist doctor, LOL! I love hearing Dino and Ricky and Walter sing together. So....pretty much a toss up for me. I watch the two fairly often. KEITH

    Well Irish, Knowing your Youth and the fact that you are relatively "New" to all of this stuff, every once in a while you really surprise me! Keep it up Kiddo.............before you know it, you will be surpassing all of us old "fogies". I love it that your comments are not "stuck" on the main theme. Keep "looking around"and as The Major would say to Flint, "Keep yer eyes open, Son!"! HAGO, KEITH

    AHA! You GOT IT. I am so glad. Hope you didn't wipe out Rich and your back account, LOL! And you are of the best with them. Not sure of the movies, though......I thought they were in more than 10,though. But then YOU are the expert. Good deal, Paula! KEITH

    Love this one of Ben, Paula...the expression on his face...going into my "To be sketched" folder. KEITH

    I've collected six more Train Robbers photos and I'll be posting them for the next week or so at my Ben Johnson webpage. There are still a few Train Robbers photos with Ben I haven't found yet for my collection, but fortunately Lasbugas has posted scans of his copies here so I can enjoy them in their scanned versions on this forum. ;)

    Here's the first. ;)

    what wooden performance??

    Don't remember, Paula, it was long ago and probably just a line or two when he was "moving up" from stuntman to actually having bit parts. I very much enjoy him now. Was not meant to be anything other than what I had seen and read of his steadily improving acting ability. He worked great with Duke. Wish he had been in more of his movies! KPKEITH

    These are old quotes dating back to 2007, but I found them to be quite good. One part Robbie relates Duke's decision not to stop for the night because he heard the crying of a baby. Robbie states that no one could get away with the line Duke had "Did you ever bury a baby? Well, neither did I, and I'm not about to start now. Ride on." Well, I agree, can't think of anyone in those days who could've delivered it. But in the old days, that was a typical Ward Bond line....he got away with lots of them like that and the patriotic ones. Also agree with peoples' assessment of Rod Taylor. He was a fine actor and was great with Duke and Ben. If he had been used more, I think he could have taken Ward's place and the special comraderie that was between Duke and Ward may have been preserved in a manner. Too bad he was not given credit due.....I always liked him when I was young....just never got to see enough of him.

    Thanks for the pictures Paula...they are great. So glad I was "forced" into watching Ben after seeing him give that wooden performance so long ago. I have enjoyed him greatly ever since. I seem to like him more every time I see him..........he grows on you, yep, he does!