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    I hear your on that Goodtimes version. As soon as the authorized version of the movie was announced I threw my bad copy away. Mine didn't have any documentaries so it was not a big deal.

    On a side note, has anyone watched the movie with the commentaries turned on? I did and Maureen O'Hara and Stephanie Powers gave their insight from time to time. It was very intersting to watch.

    You are correct, Duke slaps him on the butt when he says the bulls's the opening scene as he comes out of the house to get into the carriage.

    Does anyone remember the name of the horse the Jerry Van Dyke rode (while drunk) in the race during the 4th of July festival?

    I will wait a few days and see if anyone get's it. I know you can watch it, but try and see if you remember. I watched it last night and picked up on it. It's amazing, I have watched that movie atleast 20 times, probably more like 30 and I just now picked that up from the movie.

    Like the others have mentioned, they finally released the authorized version last year and it is perfect. Look for it in a "white" dvd packaging. I have seen it at Best Buy and Target in the past coupel weeks. And like the others said you can get it at Amazon or you can try Deep Discount DVD.

    On another note, welcome to the site and I know you will enjoy your time here.